Brighton’s Rosie Minako shared details of her new role as judge at this year’s Miss Earth Great Britain pageant


Miss Minako said: “Having competed in beauty pageants and represented as the title holder of my countries on multiple international platforms, I’ve always had a strong passion in pageantry. I believe pageantry is a wonderful platform to unite women with various purposes together. I was honored to be invited as a sponsor and a judge for Miss Earth Great Britain.”


Eurasian beauty queen Rosie Minako was one of the main sponsors for this year’s Miss Earth Great Britain. The pageant had selected six judges in total, with Miss Minako being part of the judging panel. As a former pageant queen, she shared details of what pageantry meant to her and her new role as a judge.

Miss Minako is passionate about advocating for equality across sex and race. She ended her pageantry journey representing as Miss Brighton 2021 in Miss Universe Great Britain. During the Miss Universe national final in Wales, she was heavily favoured by pageant fans and was voted by fans as the winner of the public vote. As a mixed-race Eurasian British model, she wants to bring more diversity to the pageantry platform within Great Britain.

When asked about what she would like to bring to the platform, Rosie explained: “If anyone asks me to show them Great Britain, I will show them myself. Yes, Great Britain is just like me. Our cultural integration has brought so many beautiful traditions to our nation, from art, literature to sports etc. Unfortunately, not everyone recognises the inclusion aspect of our country. That is when segregation and division occur in the society. I’m not only here today as a judge. I’m here today to represent the underrepresented. By standing on the national Miss Universe stage and being part of the judging panel for prestigious beauty pageants within the United Kingdom, I spread across a powerful diversity message.”

Image: Martin F Tierney
Image: Martin F Tierney

After competing in Miss Universe, Miss Minako continued to contribute to pageantry as a sponsor. Her business Rosie Minako Magic Hair is the official sponsor for a number of national beauty pageants and fashion shows during fashion weeks. Besides providing hair accessories and hair bottles, she is also the main financial sponsor for various platforms such as charity galas and national beauty contests. She has also been selected as a judge/ head judge for various beauty contests around the world.

The Eco Pageants UK 2022 Grand Finals was held at the Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel, with Molly-Marie Buckley as the National Director. The pageant platform organises Miss Earth Great Britain, Miss Environment UK and Ms Eco. Contestants were judged on personal interview, swimwear and evening gown.

Beth Rice was crowed as Miss Earth England, Marcie Reid as Miss Earth Scotland and Shereen Brogan as Miss Earth Wales. Savannah Hall was crowned as Miss Environment UK, and Emma Twist as the first runner-up. Rachel Stevens was crowned as Ms Eco Pageants UK 2022, and Melissa Malander as first runner-up.

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