Making A Bigger Impact On People By Taking Gradual Steps Towards Self-Awareness And Abundance In Life Is Cool 2Be Conscious


The movement was created to deliver value and elevate the consciousness of humankind.

What really makes a business, brand, or platform successful? There could be numerous factors, but no one can deny how honesty and authenticity play a huge role in turning ordinary brands and platforms into extraordinary success stories. This has what led a few of them to where they are today, enjoying prominence and massive presence in their respective industries. Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard took the risk to do that in the alternate and comprehensive health and well-being sectors, and that is how in February 2021 launched Cool 2Be Conscious (C2BC). This has now grown as a group of like-minded people and a community that wants to make conscious efforts towards making their life full of peace and abundance.

Cool 2Be Conscious indeed is making a more significant impact on people not just in Australia but now also in the US, where it is slowly expanding and making heads turn across the world with the incredible services they are offering people from Stillness, free pre-recorded meditations, retreats and so much more. Honesty and authenticity are at the very core of the brand, which has led them to achieve exceptional growth in such a short span, turning into a 7-figure business already.

They have created a movement assembling passionate people as team members and facilitators. They hire the ones who seem to be as invested in the movement as the founders are and also see how much they believe in what C2BC has been creating and how much more they can give to the cause. They are already on their way to making a global impact after extensively spreading Australia-wide.

Ru and Ry point out that C2BC stands unique in the health and wellness niche because, before them, no one offered what they are offering today. The connection, breathwork, meditation sequence, and many other sessions were created by them from the ground up, and it took them a year to establish this movement after facing several hurdles and challenges on their path.

Cool 2Be Conscious (@cool2beconscious) now looks unstoppable in their endeavors.

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