Young Entrepreneur Avni Gandotra Doing Her Bit in Pandemic by Donating in PM Relief Fund

By donating her bit during the pandemic, Avni is setting an example for other entrepreneurs as well


Whenever a girl hears the word ‘makeup’, her attention can possibly be drawn very easily from anything she might be doing at that point. This is the case with almost all the girls, the craziness & madness for newer makeup styles, beauty products, makeup hacks, tips & tricks has made every girl or woman more aware of these trends making them fall for it even more. Thanks to the internet & the social media platforms for being consistent in providing such content to people to draw more popularity for the beauty niche. However, currently, almost all industries are facing the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic & every entrepreneur is finding ways to come out of this crisis as soon as possible to regain their lost market & make a comeback.

Avni Gandotra is amongst those who are not only being active with her work as a makeup artist & beauty expert even amidst a pandemic but is also being an active member coming forward for making donations for people suffering because of the global health emergency. Avni even amidst a pandemic is doing her bit to help not only the patients & people suffering from this pandemic but also the corona warriors of our country who are putting their lives at risk to save the lives of others. She has an active hand at making donations at various hospitals & medical centres in Jammu.

Not only this, but she is also providing people with hand sanitizers, soaps, hand washes, gloves & masks, etc. & making every little effort that she thinks can do good to others. Avni believes that when one is capable of bringing about a change in society & make their contributions, one must never hesitate in doing so. Even while the country may be under lockdown, this young entrepreneur is not losing hope & trying her best to revive her salon business even in such crucial times & at the same time making her contributions to people suffering from COVID-19.

This young girl, who is a multi-talented face in Jammu, is known for her creativity in her work. Avni Gandotra who studied Architecture from Amity University, Noida, realized her dream of doing something in the beauty industry & so after graduating jumped into the same to make her career & be known as the best in the business.

After getting a formal training by one of the most renowned celebrity makeup artists from Delhi, Meenakshi Dutt, Avni became an independent makeup artist & an entrepreneur by starting her salon business in Jammu called ‘The Trends Inn Unisex Salon’. This is a joint venture of Avni along with her brother Amber Gandotra, who is no less of a name in Jammu just like Avni. He is a successful businessman under 25 years who not only manages the salon business but also is the youngest digital entrepreneur, owns restaurants & cafes & is also into the IT business.

While everyone is facing a lockdown, Avni is looking out for different ways; she can scale her salon business & also wishes to focus on being a beauty blogger soon. However, after the lockdown gets over & after she develops various strategies for growing her salon business more; she would be trying her hands as a beauty blogger & influencer to spread extensively her beauty knowledge to others. You can follow her on Instagram @avnigandotramakeovers.

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