Careless Disposal of Smoking Material Caused Senior’s Home Fire

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

THUNDER BAY – An investigation into a fire at the St Joseph’s Care Group Seniors Care home has been completed.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue has concluded that the structural fire that occurred at 330 Lillie St. North on June 2, 2020, was the result of the careless disposal of smoking material. Cigarette butts were found in the landscaped area that was covered in wood chips outside of an entrance to the building. Once ignited the fire spread to insulation on the outside of the building. Limited smoke entered the building and residents weren’t required to be evacuated.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is working with the Administration of the St Josephs Care Group to address a plan to better enforce the use of designated smoking areas.

Acting Fire Chief Greg Hankkio says, “To dispose of smoking materials into a metal container with water in it to ensure they are out. Cigarette butts can smoulder for days.”

Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths.