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THUNDER BAY – The days are shorter, colder, windier and darker: what a bummer. The winter blues are starting to come about, maybe held off with the excitement of halloween but will still start effecting us.

Want to help boos your fall and winter routines? Make sure to take stock in what you have for your skin care and makeup routines.

“Are you finding that your skin is flaking more from the dryness? Shedding its cells like all the trees around you without the benefit of the beauty of the changing of the leaves?”

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  1. Turning on your heat mixing it with going outside in the wet and cold wind can reek havoc on your skin. The first parts of your skin that hit that air are our hands, neck/decollete, and foreheads. So make sure to have your moisturizer on in the morning and have a hand/body one in your purse .
  2. Make sure that you still drink lots of water or even if you want to warm up the pumkin spice teas are still a great way to keep hydrated.

    Coffee and tea also count in your tally. Many used to believe that they were dehydrating, but that myth has been debunked. The diuretic effect does not offset hydration. – “healthy beverages”

3. Have you been using a oil free cleanser that dries out your skin all summer? Maybe it’s time to change it back to a soothing, purifying or even a hydrating cleanser and skin care system instead. Many skin care systems for dealing with oil production dry your skin out which can leave a more sensitive skin type. A purifying line would instead help with the oils without taking away the natural moisturizing effect. Soothing will hep with the sensitivity. If you need help going to your esthetician and getting a fall skin care consult and facial can help you for the next 6 months.

4. You want to make sure that you add to your system things such as vitamin E supplements, and skin serums that will fix your skin’s lipid barrier which helps lock in the moisture. For now stay away from skin care products with glycolic acid higher than 5%.

5. Are you finding that your skin is flaking more from the dryness? Shedding its cells like all the trees around you without the benefit of the beauty of the changing of the leaves? Then make sure to still exfoliate once a week. For the fall and winter time you really want to use a softer more hydrating formula of exfoliatant then the harder grit ones like a microdermabrasion. Softer ones that use oatmeal, fruit peels or charcoal will still get the dry skin cells but not damage the above mentioned skin barrier repairs you are working on.

6. Even though its darker out the sun is still strong and you want to still keep that uv protection up so keep up with your sun screen. Also make sure to wear gloves on your hands. Your hands are the 1st place that shows your skin aging.

The progression of aging skin on hands
The progression of aging skin on hands

7. If you need help knowing what is best for you: visit your spa! I can help you find the best products for your face. Regular manicures and facials will warm you up, boost your moisturizing and keep you feeling happy. Not many people realize that a huge part of the winter blues is us locking ourselves up in the cold and not doing much for ourselves past eating and trying to stay warm. Visiting your friendly esthetician can boost your happiness, make you feel a bit more social and have fun! Maybe even try looking for a new fall look with some darker lipsticks, nail polishes or eye shadows.

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