John Bonavia Is an Expert in the Crypto Space and He Wants to Share his Success with You.


    Former The Young and the Restless actor (a popular soap opera in the 80s and 90s) is now a successful businessman. As a child, he acquired many acting roles in TV and film. As a true entrepreneur would, he utilized his connections to pursue his business goals. John Bonavia is now living his dream life, and he’s sharing it with the world.

    Bonavia established his business,, a business development group focused on investing in cryptocurrencies: “These partnerships allow me to incorporate crypto, funding, real estate development, and high-end luxury services at a very superior level compared to its competitors in southern California,” Bonavia says. He has expanded his business into Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and more.

    Their main focus at is blue chip cryptocurrencies but they also try to play the latest in altcoins. They invest in ETH and ADA as well, but John Bonavia wants to focus the company on education. “He mostly spends his time sharing personal opinions with the world,” says a business representative on the John Bonavia website. With over 11K followers on Instagram paired with his business – it’s easy to share with hundreds of people daily.

    Sharing knowledge is how he got into the business in the first place. “I lived in New York City and Los Angeles. I surrounded myself with people from all over and was able to take in the knowledge from all the relations I cultured from all of the different fields I have been in. And that’s why I have moved into crypto space,” he says.

    He moved into the crypto space, and he tells his clients how to do the same. “We meet with clients one on one every week via zoom to teach the ins and outs of crypto and how to leverage yourself with no upfront cash! You sign up, follow along, and ask questions about why we do what we do. We also offer a service where we will teach you every step of the process, helping you gear up and become an all-around better investor in the crypto market,” Bonavia says.

    On his website, Bonavia explains that he can help clients invest 30 to 50K without using any of their cash. For John Bonavia – teaching others is what it’s all about. After all, his connection with others is how he learned and it’s thanks to others that he has become so successful. Bonavia is always utilizing the skills of the people around him – whether that is to glean information or run his business. “I may not know everything. But someone on my team will have the answer,” he says.

    He’s always focused on the people – and the here and the now. He lives in the moment. That’s part of the reason he isn’t concerned with competitors. “All of my competition lives in the past, my group is in the here and now. Groups like Edward Jones and Charles Schwab are still managing portfolios that aren’t geared toward clients’ future success,” he says. Future success involves staying up to date on the latest trends and the newest technologies:

    “The future is in non-fungible tokens, the blockchain, specifically ETH. Every single person 5-10 years from now that isn’t using social media, TikTok, or getting familiar with what the blockchain is and creating future investments and opportunities for their clients, are irrelevant and will no longer be anyone’s competition,” says Bonavia.

    John Bonavia has come far in little time. His advice for others looking to start their own business, or gain financial independence is this: Come talk to me and my partners – we offer a free consultation or one on one call,” he says.

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