Kezz – Rapper and Entrepreneur to Watch


    Kezz – Rapper and Entrepreneur to WatchDylan Wayne Rooks professionally known as “Kezz” has been soaring up the ladder of success for nearly a decade. On Spotify alone, he’s managed to rack up over 700,000 listeners and over 2.3 million streams to date, as a Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter and sits comfortably alongside his peers in a place that few occupy. A Hip Hop maestro with talent to burn, he successfully blends the genre with a melodious brand of Pop and Rap, which is in turn inspired by a lifetime on the grind and hustle to become a better artist. 

    His combination of artful and honest storytelling through lyrical rhymes is embraced by a singing voice that sways effortlessly through an ever-increasing catalogue of work. Releasing his breakout album in 2020 titled “Undecided” was the moment his career entered the stratosphere. Featuring 7 tracks of eminent brilliance, the songs are as diverse as the journey Kezz has taken to exist in the moment.

    Refusing to be nailed to any one location and call it home, is the same as the approach to his music; meaning it will not be defined by the expectations of others. That ambition to be different is what drives him emotionally and is a result of how he learned the craft. Entirely self-taught, Kezz writes, records, mixes, and masters all his work, and as a result, his signature sound is exactly that. Unique, bold, and full of the attitude that sets him apart.

    That originality is clear in the next seminal moment of his career when in 2021, he released the monster hit “Up and Down”. That one song stamped his authority on the music scene and announced his arrival on the biggest of stages. Having worked with T-Pain, Tech N9ne and Ashten Ray, his reputation as a production luminary has led to sell out shows everywhere. 

    Now Kezz emerges from the recording studio to independently showcase his latest single “S2P”. The title means ‘Something to Prove’ and is the way he approaches life these days. Nearly being convinced to give up on his musical career by a partner who did not believe in him, he walked away from the toxic relationship to find himself once again. Trusting his extraordinary skills to motivate and inspire people to follow their dreams, S2P builds a house that all will want to enter. 

    You only get one shot at life and Kezz is taking aim with the strength of an artist determined to create his own future. S2P proves he belongs in the main arena. There is no doubt of that, and ultimately to his fans, he has nothing left to prove.

    To stay up with all his future events, new music and more, follow his social media sites below.

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