Fitness Influencer FitwithNit On Why It Is Unhealthy To Compare Yourself To Photos You See On Social Media!


    The new age of social media has got young women and men spiraling down into depression seeing the unrealistic expectations set by many on famous social media platforms. The biggest problem seen in the space is people comparing their bodies with celebrities who post their fit bodies on the platform. As much as the reality is quite different from what is seen on the social media handles, there are a few influencers like Nita who are trying to make the space a much better and positive space. 

    Nita is the proud founder and owner of FitwithNit, which is in the business of transforming people’s lives through fitness and transformation goals. Nita is an individual who believes that every person on the planet is unique and the idea of comparing oneself to others is redundant. This was also one of the core reasons behind starting FitwithNit.

    She says, “FitwithNit was built keeping in mind the Indians moving abroad. The complete program extensively focuses on embedding the lifestyle and as well as the diet making it easy for them to adapt and pursue their fitness goals.”

    Most of Nita’s clients are happy with their transformations and Nita ensures to take extra steps to make everyone understand that their body is different. She mentions that “My first course of action with all my clients is to help them understand why they are doing this and I think this applies not only to fitness but to all walks of life. If you aren’t sure about your “why”, then you are going to end up comparing.”

    Nita has been able to successfully set up FitwithNit and make it one of the top fitness programs opted for by many in New Zealand and across the globe. But establishing a fitness business comes with its own set of challenges and trying to fight depression while setting that up just makes it impossibly hard. 

    Nita mentions that depression stems from the very fact that you think others are good and you are not worthy enough. She says, “In the due course of my life, I have been through ups and downs and most of my downs were contributed by my comparative mind. It was difficult at first to channel and control it but with time and a persistent effort towards fitness that started to change. I was no longer comparing myself with others and was feeling more confident with my body and every aspect of my life started changing.”

    This aspect is what pushed Nita to work hard in establishing FitwithNit. Apart from the working strategies and customized plans for each client, some things helped Nita scale FitwithNit to what it is today. FitwithNit comes with different architectures to help and ensure that you follow your goals consistently. The exclusive-client-only application helps people to connect with like-minded individuals and at the same time ensure that they are consistent with their game plan to achieve their goals. The complete program is customized to the personalized needs of the Indians living abroad, based on the Indian diet and rudimentary Indian lifestyle as well. 

    Nita says, “If you are busy with making the best out of your life in terms of fitness or anything, you automatically don’t have time to think about comparing yourself. FitwithNit ensures just that”. She adds, “When I was a beginner, it was so hard for me to remain consistent, but seeing other people in the gym just made a difference. When I was planning the strategy behind FitwithNit, I was focused more on ensuring that the consistency aspect was maintained because at the end of the day, if you aren’t consistent with what you are doing, nothing makes sense. “

    Nita has been slowly taking FitwithNit to the next level with her dynamic team with more than 300+ happy clients and counting expanding the business further. Thanks to influencers like Nita, the social media space is getting better with content that is focused more on the reality aspect making it a safer area to seek inspiration. 

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