James Smith Cree Nation on Emergency Lockdown – Sept 6 2022

Breaking News 800

RCMP advise that James Smith Cree Nation is under lockdown this afternoon around 12:00 pm. Murder suspect Myles Sanderson has reportedly been seen in the community.

Sanderson’s last reported sighting was in Regina on Monday.

An RCMP emergency alert warning issued today advises that accused mass killer Myles Sanderson was seen in the area.

RCMP are telling the public to find immediate shelter, or stay in place if they are safe.

Marked and unmarked police vehicles are on-route to the First Nation moments after the alert was issue.

Myles Sanderson, a 30-year-old male with a history of violence is the suspect sought by RCMP in the homicides of nine people on the James Smith Cree Nation and another in a nearby town early on Sunday morning.

The stabbing rampage also left 18 people injured, at least 15 of which were from the James Smith Cree Nation.