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Toronto is the largest city in Canada, which is a well–known educational center. This city is the largest economic and industrial center. It is considered the fourth in the world in terms of living standards. Also, this city is famous for its history, a large number of attractions and museums, as well as cafes, restaurants, shops and much more, which will allow the international students to get an unforgettable learning experience.

In the best private schools in Toronto the students are mainly engaged in disciplines that they choose independently based on the specialization in higher education institutions that they would like to receive in the future. In addition, private schools in Toronto have opportunities for in-depth study of some specialized disciplines, which are combined into a program called the “Advanced Placement program”. In the case of passing this complicated educational program, students in the future will be able to gain a certain advantage during admission to most higher education institutions in Canada, the UK, the USA and other countries.

TOP schools in Toronto – studying after 10 grade

The foreign students, who finished 10 grades in native country, can enroll in 11 grade to pass studying according to one of the following educational programs:

  • International Baccalaureate

It is an international program, aimed at obtaining and improvement of knowledge, skills, which are necessary for successful entering the university. This program is designed for comprehensive development: intellectual, creative, athletic and moral development of the individual, called to help not only when entering the university, but also when adapting to the modern business environment.

  • Advanced placement.

It is a program, aimed at the preparation of the foreign students for enrolment in the university. The course lasts for 2 years. The main feature of the program is an opportunity to choose disciplines according to the interests and goals of student.

The best private schools in Toronto– advantages of studying

  • Small number of students in each classroom – this contributes to the effectiveness of education and allows teachers to use an individual approach in studying;
  • When studying in private schools in Toronto, in addition to living in host families, the international students are offered accommodation in spacious residences on the territory of educational institutions.
  • In the vast majority of cases, better living and learning conditions are achieved in private boarding schools than in public ones – both from the point of view of infrastructure development (some educational institutions have their own swimming pools and even hockey arenas), and from the point of view of academic education (through the involvement of experienced teachers).
  • In the private schools in Toronto separate form of studying is offered.
  • Private schools in Toronto are more prestigious than public ones, and graduates of the most rated and elite private schools will easily enter leading universities in Canada and around the world in the future.

Private schools in Toronto fees for international students

When choosing private schools in Toronto, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • The prestige of school
  • Available options for accommodation of students during studying
  • Catering for students (in most cases, full board is offered – meals three times a day)
  • The need to pay a registration fee to apply for admission (the amount of this fee varies in different schools)
  • The cost of necessary textbooks and school uniforms
  • Number of events, which includes in extracurricular program.

On average, the tuition fee in schools in Toronto varies from 12,000 CAD to 70,000 CAD per academic year. In addition to this sum, it is necessary to pay the cost of living – about 11,000 CAD per academic year.

Enrolment process in the best schools in Toronto

The private schools in Toronto request a list of standard documents for the admission of foreign students:

  • Application
  • Extract of grades from the previous place of study for 2 years (transcript, notarized copies)
  • An official certificate confirming knowledge of the English language.

Many schools offer the international students to take exams in mathematics and English, to be interviewed online or during a personal visit.

Underage students study in Canada under the supervision of a guardian — a Canadian citizen, who represents the interests of the child.

List of private schools in Toronto – TOP 10

  • St Andrew’s College
  • Branksome Hall School
  • Columbia International College
  • Rosseau Lake College
  • Braemar College
  • Trafalgar Castle School
  • McDonald International Academy
  • Trinity College School
  • Upper Canada College
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