Top Four Platforms That Put Essay Writing Services Under Magnifying Glass


People have a lot of fun memories about their time in high school, college, or university. The tricky thing is that those memories are generally related to anything but studying per se. 

You remember parties, making new friends, falling in love, and some funny awkward situations. Even when it comes to sad recollections, people tend to recall heartbreaks or losing old friends. 

Yet, you may recall feeling exhausted, being torn apart between your work and studies. That exhaustion is what pushes most students to utilize paper writing services and AI-powered tools.

It seems to solve all the problems if you pick the service correctly. Otherwise, you may end up paying anything between $20 and $100 to get grades lower than if you had written your assignment yourself. 

That’s why choosing a proper academic helper or AI writing tool is crucial. To do that, you can consult with an essay pro legit platform like NoCramming that provides you with thorough reviews on both academic writing services and AI-driven writing tools. And you may try something different. 

Checking Out Review Aggregators

When you are about to pick a particular service or AI writing tool, the smart decision is to check out customer reviews. Of course, you can blindly trust testimonials on the service’s website. But there’s a 99% guarantee that most of them are going to be positive. 

An alternative solution is to check out the comments left by customers on review aggregation sites like SiteJabber,, and TrustPilot. But here, you must mind several things:

  • Emotional state of former users;
  • Fake comments;
  • Different takes on quality.

Yes, sometimes when customers, let’s say, didn’t read the Terms & Conditions of the website properly, and, because of that, were late to request a refund, they may get angry and leave a comment that the service is a total scam. So, you must take the emotional state of the commentators into account. You should also mind the frequency of comments, either negative or positive. 

If the service or the tool, out of the blue, starts getting ten to twenty comments per day, most likely, they are manufactured, so keep an eye on the publication date. 

Finally, there are different takes on quality. Some students may be happy with just an essay being written for them, no matter the grades. That is enough for a positive comment there. 

Hence, we come to the question: do you really want to go through all of that? Maybe you should leave it to the platforms that keep writing services under a magnifying glass. Check out some of them. 


NoCramming is a platform that provides detailed reviews on academic helpers and AI-powered writing tools. And you shouldn’t have any doubts about the “detailed” word. There’s an actual investigation between each of their reviews. 

NoCramming investigations generally start from checking out the comments on this or that service or tool on review aggregators. Then, the platform’s team proceeds to check out how trustworthy or not the positive comments are and how far-fetched or not the negative ones are. 

  • Going through the reviews, you will get acquainted with: 
  • The general information on the service; 
  • The information on the service’s writers and customer support team; 
  • The pricing and refund policy; 
  • The quality of papers that you can receive when ordering. 

And it’s not only informative but truly a good read, as most of the reviews are written with a good sense of humor. 


It’s another website that keeps an eye on various essay-writing services. Despite the platform’s name, there’s not a lot of humor there, only the grim reality of what you can get from the best and the worst academic helpers. The reviews are well-written, nonetheless. 

Generally, the review starts with general information about the service of your choice. Then, you delve into the author’s personal experience. This gives you a clear picture of what to expect from this or that paper writing platform and helps you decide whether you should use it or not. 

Reviews end up with the “People Talking” section, where you can get acquainted with reviews of past customers of the service in question. 

Give WritingPaperSucks a try next time when looking for a service to order your paper. 


If you don’t know whether to try out that paper writing service with numerous glowing reviews, check out information on it on the EssaysRescue platform. This paper writing services reviewer has been in business for almost twenty years. There are currently more than seventy-five reviews on the platform, and EssaysRescue constantly updates its database. 

If there’s a service that the platform hasn’t reviewed yet, it probably was launched a second ago. EssaysRescue provides you with detailed reviews on paper writing platforms. You can learn everything, from prices and communication with the support team to the overall quality of work. 


The worst thing that can happen to an inexperienced student who wants to delegate their writing chores to somebody else is getting scammed by an essay writing platform. So, when you are looking for an online academic helper, it’s better to double-check with ScamFighter. The platform will provide you with detailed information on almost every paper writing service out there. 

And you don’t have to read the review completely. As you’re browsing through ScamFighter’s website, you can check out the basic information, such as prices, discounts, payment methods, and pros and cons of the service, without having to read the complete article. 

Yet, it’s better to go beyond the basic information, as the lack of context can make certain services look better than they actually are. 

Closing Remarks

Photo by <a href="">Markus Winkler</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


All of these platforms exist to save you from scams and services that will make your whole writing-assignment-avoiding ordeal a simple waste of money. 

Yes, you can come to your own judgments about the services by browsing through comments on SiteJabber or TrustPilot, but if you want to save time, it’s better to check platforms like NoCramming, SpamFighter, WritingPaperSucks, and EssaysRescue.

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