Irene Day and What Mentality Does for Business


    Trying your very best at something is one of the very first values that we are all taught as kids. It is a moral at the end of every child’s book, the words of encouragement before every school quiz, and implied to be the answer to every obstacle that we will meet. However, these values have slowly turned from a simple childhood lesson to words to a skill that any hard-working individual, no matter what industry they are in, has come to cherish and live by as we all realize now realize that we were really being prepared to develop strong, indomitable mindsets and mentalities. Financial advisor Irene Day is a close advocate of honing these values, especially in business.

    Irene Day is the owner and CEO of Hannah Financial, a finance consultation, and planning business based in her hometown, Cleveland Ohio.

    Growing up in Cleveland, Irene’s early life had no shortage of hardship both financially and emotionally. Irene grew up struggling with bipolar disorder, as well as accruing large amounts of debt, which subsequently amounted to subpar credit.  While working at Save A Lot for 13 years with a dream to work in Human Resources, Irene put herself through college and applied for a job that she was primed to get after graduation.

    After not getting the job, Irene was left feeling seemingly irrevocably lost. However, by keeping her dream to build a better, more stable life for herself and her family, Irene was able to find inspiration by using a sum of money that her grandfather left to her, to learn how to improve her own credit.

    As Irene explains it “I decided to pay off everything on my credit reports. $30,000 worth of debts I paid and my credit score went up 12 points. I was my very first client. I had terrible credit. I was looking for assistance and couldn’t find anybody I thought was reliable or trustworthy. I started reading into what credit repair actually was and repaired my credit. My work family let me work on their credit too”. By learning of her talent and passion for financial advisory and using her knack for solving problems, a new kind of fuel was ignited in Irene, prompting her to then take the chance, quit her long-term job, and begin her career as the CEO of Hannah Financial.

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