Passionate About Clear Vision, Dr. Sadri Gives the Gift of New Sight


    Passion is the differentiating factor between working and changing the world. When you love what you do, it becomes your life’s mission and your pride. The weight of the interest it carries for you allows you to have an insight that someone less interested would not be able to obtain. Dr. Ehsan Sadri of Visionary Eye Institute and Visionary Ventures has invested his time and passion into giving people the gift of sight and supporting innovators in the field to encourage technological advancement within the industry.

    Dr. Sadri is a first generation Iranian American and the first in his family to become a doctor. He is a board-certified laser eye surgeon based in Newport Beach, CA and has been practicing since 2004. He also co-founded Visionary Ventures in the middle of the pandemic to help support start-ups in ophthalmology that provide innovative and novel solutions for patients.

    He has always been passionate about vision and helping his patients is a fulfilling path for Dr. Sadri. “I’m always fascinated on how to make patients see better and have the best experience,” he says of his career and practice. Through his years in practice, he became interested in the technology side of things and decided to help launch a venture capital fund in 2020.

    Through this venture capital fund, Dr. Sadri and his associates influence the direction of ophthalmology, utilizing his years of experience in the field to understand the needs of patients and recognize the gaps in care and technology. His passion for helping people to regain clear vision grew organically into something that will impact a broader group of patients than limiting it to those who walk through the doors of his clinic.

    Dr. Ehsan Sadri is well-respected and considered a thought leader in his field. He speaks at many Ophthalmology conferences and focuses on progressive and leading-edge techniques and technology to best serve vision patients. His experience expertise allows him to educate eye surgeons on vision preservation and correction. He plans to incorporate additional eyecare products to his repertoire, including sunglasses, eye creams, and blue-blocker glasses.

    To keep up with Dr. Sadri, check him out on Instagram at @DrEhsanSadri, visit his clinic at or check out his venture capital fund at

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