Entrepreneur Fabian Ritter aims to expand his online community to educate more people about cryptocurrency


    Agree or not, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have recently garnered significant momentum. It has already become mainstream as every sector of the economy aims to build and integrate blockchain to create fast, secure, distributed and decentralized ledgers. Though the crypto market has been volatile for the last few years, it is crucial to be educated about blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and Web 3.0.

    Those looking at this field as a career opportunity should know about Fabian Ritter. He is an entrepreneur who has coached more than 1500 people at different crypto events in Germany. Working toward helping people simplify their entry into the blockchain space, he has been educating people about cryptocurrency since 2016. Before he entered the crypto industry, Fabian worked in the German military.

    However, things changed when he was stationed in the USA. Fabian’s trip to Las Vegas helped him get familiarised with digital currency. Having garnered thorough knowledge about cryptocurrencies, Fabian incorporated ‘X goes Crypto’, an ideal platform that gives people access to learn about bitcoin, blockchain technology and the NFTs. In various instances, Fabian has emphasized the need for digitalization across every business.

    Besides mentoring students, he has built an online community called the ‘Team X’ community that offers a myriad of advantages to help people build their digital assets. Along with expert knowledge and valuable coin tips, the online community offers unique training sessions to aspiring traders and investors. With the pace at which Mr. Ritter’s community is growing, it is said to be the fastest-growing crypto community in Germany.

    As Fabian Ritter continues to expand his team and online community, the entrepreneur plans to have different events later this year. “I want to maximize my reach and let people know the power and importance of cryptocurrency. I not only intend to grow solely but also help other people prosper to live a life free from financial hurdles”, concluded Fabian.

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