WearU is accelerating the fashion industry towards the 2 trillion dollar revenue threshold!


    It was once predicted that the fashion industry cannot move to the online realm owing to the logistics and technological crunches that the industry comes with. But over a period of time and with advancements in technologies like the Blockchain, that has changed significantly. The fashion business has now started implementing their trade on the blockchain which makes the complete trade of fashion faster, reliable, and secure giving rise to projects like WearU that work on that very ideology.

    WearU, A decentralized fashion marketplace for all:

    WearU is the world’s first decentralized marketplace on the metaverse for fashion brands and individual creators who can use the superior advantage of the blockchain to leverage their business. How? The complete architecture of the WearU ecosystem is built with one of the most advanced AI smart engines coupled with machine learning that makes the best use of traditional smart contracts and their native utility token WRU which is based on the BEP-20 chain protocol efficiently on the blockchain. This architecture makes the platform 1024 times faster than traditional marketplaces and provides high-level encryption, maximizing the safety and reliability of trade on the platform.

    Tokenomics of WRU token:

    The total supply of the token is around 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) and the rate per BUSD (Binance USD) is fixed at 1666.67 WRU and will be capped at a maximum transaction limit of 3000 BUSD per wallet. Apart from the brilliant tokenomics, there is no buy or sell tax imposed for transactions, making it a much better choice for transacting within the ecosystem.

    Phenomenal User Experience:

    WearU is also made in a way that it is compatible with other native applications of brands for smooth integration using sophisticated APIs. WearU is technically advanced and at the same time a simple platform that can be easily used and accessed. The complete UI/UX experience of the platform allows users to seamlessly migrate to the platform without any worries and hassles in understanding the platform.

    VirtuScan, a key attraction:
    Some of the features that boost the adaptability of the WearU ecosystem are features like VirtuScan. VirtuScan is a 3-D scanner that is capable of rendering high-quality 3-D models of apparel within minutes and getting it uploaded to the cloud which can be used by brands on the platform to use WearU cloud as an online product catalog. VirtuScan also allows the user to adjust certain metrics of the 3-D model like hue, saturation, and contrast to get the exact look and feel of the product in the digital realm.

    NFTs and much more:

    The complete ecosystem also supports the creation and utilization of NFTs for transactions within the platform giving individual creators and brands a fair advantage to showcase their apparel to their customers. WearU will play host to retailers, wholesalers, fashion brands, and individual creators giving the users a one-stop-shop for all their fashion needs.

    The vision of the platform is to enable businesses in the fashion industry to build a thriving and profitable business model in the decentralized economy. This will promote and enable more industries to take initiatives to move to a decentralized economy giving rise to cross-platform advantages.

    Key Features of the Platform:

    1. Some key features of the platforms that make the unique part of the user experience include a sophisticated dashboard that will give the brands in the ecosystem to understand and analyze the performance of their product catalog.

    2. The platform also has an eminent support team spearheaded by crypto enthusiasts and experts who will ensure smooth operations in the ecosystem.

    3.The complete ecosystem is heavily encrypted and contains one of the most sophisticated levels of security for all the wallets active on the platform.

    4.The ecosystem also hosts a 3-D view platform that will enable the users to view the products available on the ecosystem and is compatible with almost all metaverse-enabled devices.

    With heavy features, the platform is still fast, reliable, and has download speeds faster than conventional marketplaces.  The public sale of the token will go live on the native website of WearU on 22nd June 2022 and the purchased tokens will be air-dropped right after the event. Head to www.wearu.com for more information.

    To learn more about WearU, Visit:

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