Opinion: Why I am Voting for Peng You

Thunder Bay PC Candidates with Premier Ford at Heddle Shipyards in Thunder Bay
Peng You with Premier Ford at Heddle Shipyards in Thunder Bay

By Aldo Ruberto

THUNDER BAY – OPINION – The election is coming! Who you vote for or support is nobody’s business but your own.

You should not be bullied or shamed for voting for whoever you like.

When did supporting Conservative, Liberal, NDP make you an enemy?

Who are these people online who spew hate for the individuals who are running and who you support? Is our country becoming divided by politics or just stupid people?

You can critique all you want about the party and it’s platform or strategies, but let’s not get personal about candidates or the people voting.

I will support who I like. My reason may simply be, I like the person! Or I may support the party because I like their platform.

This time I believe in the person!

I have seen them in action numerous times over the years. They are constantly giving of their time, energy and love for this city.

I have seen them put Thunder Bay on the front pages of world papers in countries such as China, Mexico, United States, etc.

I have seen them help build a Tai Chi park on the waterfront for our city. A beautiful addition because of his vision, and ability to rally the troops to help out.

I have seen him help get three gigantic statues for our city at the waterfront. That would not have happened if he was not involved.

I have seen him get the Tai Chi World Games to Thunder Bay, by personally putting his house up as collateral. Not a lot of people know that. But that is the type of person he is. If he believes in something he is all in.

He has helped put our city on so many maps and so many people’s personal itinerary from other places in the world. This is because of his incredible personality, not to mention his energy and amazing people skills.

I have also seen him struggle at council at times. English is not his first language. But he has operated successful businesses over the years, showing that you can communicate in so many other ways to get your message across.

One on one he is dynamite! At council, his passion is contagious. He is trying to make this city better in every way possible. I see a person who truly cares about our city.

I have always supported the Liberals and Michael Gravelle in the past.

This time, I will be voting for my good friend, Peng You.

I love the way he gives credit to Thunder Bay for the success he has achieved.

He talks about how people here helped make him and his family feel welcomed and supported when he first arrived. He is proud of our city and he never fails to mention that here or abroad.

When you vote for good people, I believe, they can make a difference to the party. They can influence others, and they can influence change.

I believe if anyone can do it, Peng You can!

I will be supporting Peng You in this election because his actions and accomplishments over the years, have shown his love for this city and it’s people. And actions speak louder than words!

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