Portugal D7 Visa for Foreigners: Costs and Requirements

Portugal D7 Visa for Foreigners: Costs and Requirements

A D7 visa in Portugal is the first step in obtaining a permanent residency permit or citizenship. In essence, it is temporary permission allowing for staying in the country and applying for further statuses. It is issued for people with a stable passive income. The specialists from Immigrant Invest have prepared a comprehensive explanation of how to get a D7 visa in Portugal – https://immigrantinvest.com/portugal-d7-visa-en/.

What Is a D7 Visa in Portugal?

A D7 passive income visa in Portugal is also known as a Retirement Visa. Nevertheless, it is available not only for the retired. Anyone matching the main requirements can become an applicant and get it without any problems.

The following types of revenue are considered passive:

  • Pension
  • Intellectual property
  • Investment
  • Royalties
  • Property
  • Interest from savings

According to the experts from Immigrant Invest, most applicants use this type of visa  to obtain Portugal citizenship (see the source).

How to Apply for Portugal D7 Visa

The Portugal D7 visa application process is not complicated. Nevertheless, the guidance of specialists might be required. The procedure consists of two essential steps:

  1. Sending D7 visa Portugal application from the home country.
  2. Applying after arrival to Portugal.

A person must be financially independent. This means that applicants should be capable of fully providing themselves for a living.

It is crucial to mind the Portugal D7 visa requirements applied to passive earnings. The main candidate will have to prove passive earnings of at least 8,460 euros per year. Additional gains must be shown for joining family members.

This type of visa will be issued for 24 months. Then, applicants can renew it for three years. Eventually, the applicant can apply for citizenship.

As for the Portugal D7 visa minimum stay demands, they imply staying for at least 183 days per year (with no interruption) in the country. You are expected to have enough funds to cover your expenses; however, you can also work in the country.

The Benefits of Receiving a D7 visa in Portugal

There are multiple reasons to opt for this type of visa:

  • Amazing travel opportunities within the Schengen area without any additional permission.
  • Access to the well-developed health system in the country.
  • A favorable tax system.
  • Benefiting from a great educational system.
  • Opting for citizenship after 60 months.

Portugal D7 visa for remote work is also suitable. Lots of freelancers prefer to set workplace in this wonderful country.

Fees for the Application

Fees for the application are relatively low. The application fee is just around $100, while the permit itself will cost you less than $90. Compared to many other programs that are based on investment, this one is affordable for lots of people.


Not only Portugal is an amazingly beautiful country, but it also provides various benefits for living and traveling. Getting a visa of the D7 type is not difficult. Those who have stable passive earnings can surely benefit from all the opportunities provided by a residence permit. Not only individuals but also business owners should consider this opportunity. While it is possible to find detailed explanations on how to apply for a visa, you can always opt for help from specialists to ensure the absence of mistakes and issues in the application.

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