Rainfall Warning: Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

Rainfall Warning

WINNIPEG – WEATHER – Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for the City of Winnipeg and most of Southeastern Manitoba right to the Ontario provincial boundary.

Rainfall warning in effect for:

  • City of Winnipeg
  • Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake
  • L.G. of Pinawa incl. Seven Sisters Falls
  • Pointe du Bois
  • R.M. of Lac Du Bonnet
  • R.M. of Reynolds incl. Ste. Rita Hadashville and Rennie
  • R.M. of Whitemouth incl. Elma
  • Shoal Lake Reserves

Rain, at times heavy, is expected. The ground, already near saturation, has little ability to absorb further rainfall.

Another 20-50 mm of rain will begin Friday night in southern Manitoba as third major low pressure system in as many weeks impacts southern Manitoba.

Rain will lift northwards into the province on Friday night, bringing 20 to 50 mm of rain over the following 24-36 hours. Like the previous storm, embedded thunderstorms are also possible and could bring high rainfall rates to the region.

There are, as of 7:00 PM on Thursday, no weather alerts or warnings in effect for Western or Northern Ontario.

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