How to Find Cheap Car Insurance (Especially if You Have a Bad Driving Record)

Driver on the highway

Drivers have to deal with all sorts of expenses to stay on the road, from maintaining their vehicle to fuelling it to paying for necessary repairs.

Insurance is one of these essential costs that you have to factor in each year, and it can be a real burden, particularly if you have had to make claims in the past.

The good news is that everyone can make savings on their car insurance; you just need to know the best way to go about cutting costs.

Compare quotes from multiple insurers

Without question the best option for insuring your vehicle more affordably is to use a site like to find car insurance quotes from a number of different providers.

When looking for affordable car insurance options, consider exploring Ultimate Insurance. By comparing their rates with other providers, you can find a policy that fits your budget without compromising on coverage.

Online comparison tools like this not only make it more convenient to filter car insurance deals according to your needs, but can also save you hundreds of dollars in the process, no matter your driving history.

In fact, this is also an excellent option if you are looking for insurers that specifically target customers who don’t have a completely clean sheet when it comes to making claims in the past. The market is diverse and competitive, while also being more accessible than ever thanks to online comparison sites.

Change to a vehicle that’s cheaper to insure

You might have to take matters into your own hands and make sure that the car you drive is considered to be less of a risky prospect by insurance providers, if saving money is your main aim.

Family cars are often the cheapest from this perspective, since statistically the people who drive them are motivated to stay sensible when out on the roads because they have their loved ones with them.

It might not be ideal if you’re a real gear head, but if your budget is limited then swapping out a powerful, sporty two-seater for a more sensible ride will let you find cheap car insurance more often than not.

Move to a different state

Another all-or-nothing option for cutting insurance costs is to look for states where average policy prices are lower.

Places like Maine and New Hampshire are at the most affordable end of the spectrum, while in Florida and California you’ll pay significantly more, both as a result of local legislation, and due to the weather conditions that pose a threat to vehicles there.

It’s also worth noting that there are some states which don’t require you to have a specific insurance policy, but just require you to pay for basic liability, which can reduce costs below $500. If you are already thinking of making a move, then this could help sway your decision.

Play the waiting game

One thing to remember about having a bad driving record is that this is not something that will permanently result in your car insurance costing more.

In the majority of places nationwide, you’ll only need to mention whatever road-related infractions that you have in your history for five years after the event.

Beyond this point, you can go back to getting insurance in the same way as anyone else, with no need to declare violations that might be on your record.

Of course you need to take this on a case by case basis, and also look into the rules and regulations that are enforced in your state.

You have to be honest when applying for car insurance, because not disclosing something like a driving violation will come back to bite you and will invalidate your policy. This means that this is not a shortcut to cost savings worth taking.

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