LeadJolt: Meet The Intelligent Option for Marketing Your Real Estate Business

LeadJolJohn Danes and Adam Artemis
John Danes and Adam Artemis

Founded by John Danes and Adam Artemis, Leadjolt is quickly establishing itself as a number one option for real estate agents around the country. While it can be hard to stand out as a digital marketing company in a saturated industry, the professionalism, consistent results, and obsession with client experience that LeadJolt offers have pushed its way to the top.

John and Adam first founded Leadjolt in 2020. Both of them were working at a real estate brokerage and tasked with helping the licensed realtors. The job was not as glamorous as it is made to seem. Most of the work that they and the agents around them did was centered around calling an outdated list of contacts and getting the phone hung up on their ear. That’s when they decided to make a change. They turned back to a skill they had learned at their previous jobFacebook Ads. “We had previously worked with Facebook ads for other industries and we knew it worked, so we thought we should give it a try.” Over the next few months, they started helping agents in the office to land qualified leads without the headache of sorting through unqualified leads. That’s when they realized they could address a major issue for many realtors. Burnout. “87% of agents quit after five years and we want to help change that.” They realized that a large part of that was a lack of updated systems and processes for tracking down clients or as commonly referred to – lead generation.

Realizing the potential to help people and to make a lot more money, they shifted their full attention to their new ventureLeadjolt. Since their official beginning in 2020, they have built a client base of nearly 500 agents and brokerages around the US and quickly built a multi-seven figure business. While their experience in both the real estate and digital marketing industries certainly helps, they credit the main reason for their success to their commitment to exceeding their customer’s expectations. “The key to being successful is to focus on getting the best results possible for your clients… make your clients more money than they pay you.” While they offer a complete selection of services, their business offer can be broken down into two words: simplicity and exclusivity.

In an industry that can get complicated, Leadjolt offers its clients a simple done-for-you strategy that leads to consistent results for their clients. The primary stage of their services is what they refer to as a “local authority campaign.” This campaign is strategically geared to help create authority in their local area that results in a steady stream of leads for the agent. This campaign is followed up with their second stage of services – follow up and pipeline management. “We handle two-point nurture(email and text messaging) and appointment booking for our clients so they are only talking to highly qualified leads.” Although this approach sounds simple, it has led to consistent results for all of their clients. Their second offer is to provide exclusive service to each of their clients. When a client signs with Leadjolt, they are also signing an exclusive agreement. Leadjolt promises not to work with any other agent in the same locality. In simple words, they don’t sell the same leads to multiple clients. “We believe that this is the best way to ensure results and honor our clients.” 

The approach has certainly paid off. While their company is only a few years old, they have helped over five hundred clients to scale their business and simplify their lead generation processes. When asked what their next moves are, they stated that they would like to expand into the education space for their agents. “We have realized that a lot of agents when they sign with a big brand brokerage don’t receive the training and education to really help them succeed. We would like to do our part.” While this is still in the early planning stages, you can expect this to be as innovative and effective as the services they currently offer.

You can learn more about Leadjolt and their services by visiting their website. Their founders, John Danes and Adam Artemis can be followed on their Instagram page. John Danes and Adam Artemis.

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