Amir Dayan’s Lianeo Signs New Agreement With TRU Fitness


The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the commercial real estate market. A lot of businesses had to shut down or decrease their operations due to the reduced occupancy rate. But, despite the challenging times, Lianeo Real Estate owned by real estate entrepreneur Amir Dayan, has still managed to close a new deal in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s most populous state. It has a variety of cultural diversity and is known for its hard-working citizens. With North Rhine-Westphalia is Cologne’s cathedral, which is a Gothic structure that stands tall on the Rhine River. Nearby is the Museum Ludwig, which features art from the 20th century. Dusseldorf is home to elegant shopping districts, the modern tower known as the Rheinturm, and the famous RWI4 building. Also, outside the city, the elegant Schloss Benrath can be found.

Speaking of RWI4, with TRU Fitness as a new tenant, it added a high-quality fitness club to its roster, located on the first and second floors. Sven Scharke, the Managing Director of Lianeo Real Estate, stated, “The high quality and design of TRU Fitness convinced us. The lifestyle of the brand fits very well with our property, RWI4.”

“Here at this location, it’s a bit like Berlin. In the Loretto-Kiez, next to Medienhafen and the state government, our brand fits perfectly,“ explains Matthias Schmitz, the founder of TRU Fitness, on the location decision for RWI4.

As the new tenant on RWI4, TRU Fitness had gladly occupied the 2845 square meters space. In fact, there are currently a number of businesses who are interested in acquiring the last remaining spaces in the building complex, which has a total of 47,000 square meters. So, Lianeo Real Estate is currently in talks with potential new tenants who appreciate the area’s excellent transport links and location.

The RWI4 building’s prominent design and impeccable construction were both managed and developed by Lianeo Real Estate. Over the past three years, the real estate company has successfully repositioned the building to a high-quality segment.

This is not the first time Lianeo Real Estate has dealt with various businesses. In June 2021, Lianeo announced that they had signed a new 15-year lease agreement at the town of Mörfelden-Walldorf, near Frankfurt, Germany, with over 1,000 square meters. Afterwards, in October 2021, Lianeo Real Estate once again announced a long-term 2650 square meters lease extension at Pelikanplatz in Hanover. With all their assets combined, they currently manage over 2 billion euros worth of assets in Germany, including 38 properties in the country’s central regions.

Lianeo Real Estate is a property management and leasing firm that has offices in various cities in Germany, including Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Hannover, mainly working in office and commercial real estate. They aim to revitalize properties in Germany by providing an extensive range of services. Lianeo’s platform provides its clients with a comprehensive range of real estate services, such as asset management, leasing, and property management.

Amir Dayan, a real estate investor, who specializes in commercial real estate, led Lianeo Real Estate, to its success in the field. Mr. Dayan, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, has been active primarily in real estate in Europe, specifically in Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands. In 2005, he extended his scope to additional fields such as the hotels & hospitality business. Additionally, he is involved in various private and public real estate projects.

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