Long-Term Leasing successes for Amir Dayan’s Lianeo


Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין איש עסקים)’s Lianeo Real Estate has announced in April 2021 that they have extended two long-term leases in Düsseldorf. First, a deal with a financial service provider for a 2,200m² property in the immediate vicinity of the Düsseldorf Media Harbor in Völklinger Straße for an additional 5 years. Second, a contract with a co-working provider for a 1,200 m² property, in Fritz-Vomfelde-Straße, in the middle of the business park “Seestern”, also for another 5 years.

Düsseldorf is an international business and financial centre, renowned for its fashion, art, and trade fairs, and is headquarters to one Fortune Global 500 and two DAX companies. It is a city in western Germany. It is divided by the Rhine River, with its Altstadt (Old Town) on the east bank and modern commercial areas to the west. Due to its economic importance for the country, it has become a central location for the real estate market.

To have signed two major new deals during the current economic climate is quite an impressive feature for Lianeo. The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused a huge dent in the real estate market in Germany. With countless employees in home office regimes and many businesses forced to close temporarily or permanently, the occupancy rate of office space has been reduced across the country. Considering these challenging circumstances, Lianeo reducing its vacancy at some of its office properties and recently announcing the closure of several deals in 2021 is even more impressive.

Lianeo is a remarkable property management and leasing specialist firm, led from their Berlin office (although with branches in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Hannover). The company focuses on commercial and office real estate, offering its clients a comprehensive platform for asset, property, facility, and leasing management. They currently administer an impressive number of assets, including the German Vivion portfolio with 38 properties throughout the country.

The company is owned by Israeli investor Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין). Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1974, he operates primarily in real estate development in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, and is active in the European hotel business, hospitality and real estate fields since 2005.

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