Chiara Magni and the Modern Magic of Bright Expressionism

Chiara Magni
Chiara Magni

With recent features in and, contemporary Italian painter Chiara Magni is reconceiving how we experience art and see the world around us.

Chiara Magni is inviting her viewers into a spirited realm of her own design. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she has formulated her own stylistic approach to art that is imbued with new depths of emotion. The images she creates offer hope amidst the turmoil of our modern world.

A lifelong passion for art turned into a promising, and exponentially accelerating, career for Chiara Magni just a few short years ago. The Italian-based oil painter burst onto the international art scene with a signature style that calls back to the masters of early modernism, but with her own unique twist that inevitably enhances the experiential nature of each piece.

Her works are colorful, bold, and dynamic. Pure color leaves the paint tubes and is applied directly to her canvases, with no watering down, no loss of vivid hue. The colors are intense, forcing the eye to flutter across the work allowing nuanced details of each scene or subject to emerge from beneath the multitude of layers she has applied.

To create each piece, she uses her hands as the vehicle for her paints. Often calling herself a professional finger painter, she alludes to the childlike fascination of transforming our fingertips into paintbrushes. As a primarily self-taught artist, she finds this technique provides her with an added sense of control. Her hands can then orchestrate vibrant scenes accentuated with an amalgamation of textures. The added dimensionality, as she smoothes the paint and applies thick dabs of the viscous liquid to her canvases, brings each painting to life.

She employs her style to depict the landscapes of her Italian home, express messages of self-love for women, and enchant us with evocative portraits. The emphasis of her work on conveying emotion is only intensified as we recognize the artist’s hand, a direct connection, in every dimple or stroke of paint on the canvas. She takes the everyday, the overlooked, and douses them in magic for her audiences to experience in her inventive worlds. Today, Magni has identified and coined a term for this unique style, bright expressionism.

So what is bright expressionism? This stylistic approach was founded by Magni as she embarked on a journey to determine her signature style of painting. She tested the boundaries of representation as she searched for the ideal way to portray her subjects with the vivacity and emotion she desired. As she tested styles such as Impressionism and Expressionism, she continued to feel her work defied the definitions of traditional movements or approaches. From this point, rather than allowing the confines of these artistic definitions to limit her, she decided to make her own.

Bright Expressionism intermingles the impressionist methods of translating reality into facets of light and color, but intermingles this with notions of expressionism, namely the emotionally driven execution and intention of the artist. Through the use of bold saturated colors, gestural application of paint, and imaginative compositions, Magni’s bright expressionism is based on the evocation of hope and solace, radiating positivity in every stroke of paint, entrancing us with the interplay of colors amongst her scenes and portraits.

While her work is imbued with allusions to canonical movements of art history, her works offer a sense of escape that is particular to those of us in the present day. Magni acknowledges the wealth of sadness that exists in our contemporary lives and seeks to offer a place of refuge. There is a vitality, through her palette and expressionist gestures, that is lost in the turmoil of the world today. Wistful landscapes and vivacious personas explore a world unlike the one we reside in, but aspire to be a part of. Magni creates places where beauty and wonder are within grasp juxtaposing the despair and violence that persists in our realities.

In her short, yet prolific, career, she has sold upwards of 300 works to collectors across the globe and continues to produce more. Her recent features in Entrepreneur and Yahoo detail her successes. Magni has proven to have tapped into an endless spring of inspiration that allows her to bring her messages of hope, revitalization, and joy back into the lives of all those who witness or bring her works into their homes.

To learn more about Chiara Magni and her other upcoming projects visit her website

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