Four Website Upgrades to Make Before 2021

How to Improve Your Company Website

This year has been a year of unprecedented change and challenges. Businesses worldwide have struggled to come to terms with what is being called the ‘new normal’ in the business world – including remote working and pushing sales increasingly into the online space. As a firm looking to leap into next year with positivity and a plan in place to re-engage with the consumer base you rely on for your profits, where are four tips for upgrading your website ready for a new year of trade.


Your website needs to look good. When a website looks well-designed, and the aesthetic is married to the tone of your written content and your brand’s ethos, a consumer will feel that your visual conformity translates as trustworthiness and professionalism. It’ll also show that you take your digital assets seriously and that you’ve invested in your website. Contact this Miami web design company to use their web designers to help you revamp your website’s aesthetic and match as consumers spend more time on your pages and head to your sales pages more regularly.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the cornerstones of a successful website. The process of getting your website SEO-ready is long and drawn out and requires you to get your marketing department. Your web designers to sing off the same hymn-sheet for a couple of months, as they create content, and imbed it in your site, to show Google’s search algorithms that you’re a trustworthy and relevant site. Use SEO tips online to drive your strategy. Meanwhile, you’ll mature your success through your increased traffic, which will be landing on a revamped and attractive home page.

UX Design

UX is designer shorthand for User Experience – and this is yet another important part of your website redesign this winter. When we think about user experience, we’re imagining how your end-user – your target consumer – is interacting with your website. What will they click on when they visit your home page? Is it simple and easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for? And do they tend to head towards the sales pages on your website, where they’ll part with their cash for one of your products? These questions are part of your UX journey, and the best designers ensure that users are pushed gently towards your product pages in as few clicks as possible.

Checkout Options

While once the humble credit or debit card was enough of a choice for consumers at the checkout, it’s now worth adding several different payment options for your customers when they’re checking out a basket of goods on your site. Remember that PayPal is easy to integrate on your site. Simultaneously, the likes of digital currencies and digital wallets are also used by hundreds of thousands of young consumers across the US. Give consumers more payment choices to boost their chance of purchasing for you next year.

These four simple upgrades are suggested as excellent ways for you to build up your website in 2021.

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