Rapid eLearning: Application & Top Content Providers

Rapid eLearning: Application & Top Content Providers

With rapid eLearning, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can save time in the design and development of eLearning courses. This is a method of developing eLearning courses quickly by using the power of authoring tools.

You can train your employees on short notice with rapid eLearning development. Training and development professionals recommend rapid eLearning development as a tool to fight tough situations where the workforce is required to be trained quickly without compromising on quality, interaction, or design.

Rapid eLearning is a dependable source in the time of reducing timelines and budgets. You can convert instructor-led training courses to online courses in almost no time. Modern learning strategies are incorporated in rapid eLearning to engage learners and it also offers ample scope for gamification, storytelling, and much more.

A memorable learning experience can get created with rapid eLearning. For example – learners are addressed by their usernames and they have an option to choose an avatar. Story-based learning scenarios can be created with metaphors and analogies, and with free navigation and clear instructions, the learners enjoy the learning as they are engaged with the course.

Rapid eLearning can be used at many places for employee training:

  • Sell more with sales training on Rapid eLearning

Bite-sized training modules have better completion rates and encourage continuous learning. With eLearning videos, learners can have effective training and they can download interactive eBooks for easy access on mobiles. Rapid eLearning has microlearning modules that are mobile compatible.

  • Onboarding new hires with Rapid eLearning

 You can add testimonials of your current workforce, which will encourage the new hires. You can create virtual tours of facilities and factories. Add gamification factor to the eLearning course and have game-based assessments.

  • Be compliant with Rapid eLearning

You can add real-life scenarios, case studies, and stories to make the employees better understand and apply regulatory concepts in practice.

  • Safety train your workforce with Rapid eLearning

Safety-train your workforce by showing videos and infographics on a topic based on their safety. Create scenarios demonstrating chemical, biological, physical, and work-related hazards to make employees understand the impacts and methods to avoid such hazards. Showcase studies with real-life experiences that will provide lessons for improved safety.

Below are selected top rapid eLearning content providers. This list will help you identify which vendor offers the services that you are looking for. 

1)      CommLab India

CommLab India has a powerful background known for its expertise in authoring tools, project management on a global level, as well as industrial design. They offer rapid eLearning assets at a scale and speed that are unmatched. They are backed with a strong team of experts in the latest authoring tools, for example – Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, and Lectora Online.

2)      SweetRush

Clients of SweetRush trust and love the culture of caring and commitment they offer. The solutions they offer are uniquely effective as they connect and motivate learners. Learning solutions created by SweetRush are blended, which is a combination of many delivery modalities to engage learners in different ways.

3)      El Design

Established in 2011, El Design offers solutions based on popular authoring tools. They offer semi-customized but rapid development through a custom template library which creates higher impact learning experiences at the least cost and in very less time. Their expertise in authoring tools helps them create the right learning experience for your employees.

4)      Obsidian Learning

Backed by 20+ years of experience, Obsidian Learning leads because of its flexibility, excellent customer service, innovation, as well as its ability to generate superior quality eLearning assets in record time. They have developed rapid eLearning solutions for companies of all sizes with a wide range of topics.

5)      Inno-Versity

The in-house team of Inno-Versity has worked with top brands around the world and is one of the global leaders in top rapid eLearning content development. Their Instructional Designers are experts in gamification, mobile learning, blended learning, scenario-based learning, animations, etc. The team has created learning experiences for onboarding, leadership training, and operations across various corporate sectors.

It is recommended to take time out to do some research on content providers who specialize in rapid eLearning. Do not forget to check the reviews of the existing users of the eLearning content providers, find the one that best suits your training objectives and is within your budget. Make sure your find, choose, and compare the eLearning companies to make an informed decision.


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