The Esports Boom in Canada, 2022

The Esports Boom in Canada, 2022

There is a shifting social climate in the world of esports games. Developments in the online casino and sportsbook industries have brought about massive growth. While this growth is occurring worldwide, Canada seems to be in the lead with site development and the fan base.

It is reported that 2.5 million Canadians are esports players. Further, it is estimated esports will bring in 2.8 billion in revenue by 2023. That is a growth rate of 5.5%. Experts expect Canada’s esports growth revenue will rise to 14.5% by next year. That is almost twice the growth rate of the rest of the world.

What is Esports?

We hear the term a lot. But, if you have not yet experienced this form of entertainment, you may not understand what esports are. Simply stated, esports is a specific type of competitive video gaming where players or teams play against each other. These are not basic video games, where a player competes with the computer or game system.

While esports come in various video genres, the most popular way of playing these games are via the internet on an online casino site. There are colossal esports tournaments and “superstar” esports teams. These players compete in view of thousands of fans who tune in to watch and place wagers on the games. A quality and licensed online casino will give you the best odds, and you know your money is safe. When you win, the collection of your prize is fast and seamless.

The Esports Boom in Canada, 2022

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Esports Betting

Betting on esports is very much like traditional betting on a sports game. The primary difference is all the bets are placed online. Of course, you will place your wager on the player or team you expect to win. But, before you begin, there are a few steps you should take to improve your experience and chance to win.

  • Review the gambling rules on the site you are using. Don’t assume it is just like any other site. Sites differ, and rules vary per location. Read through the terms and conditions, and become familiar with the wagering requirements. Also, check the payment policy. Quality sites pay winners directly to their accounts when the winners are announced. Some lesser sites take days (or longer) to pay winners. Always play with a quality vendor.
  • Don’t just bet because you want a team to win. Professional gamblers study the teams. They know the records of each team. How often they win, the winning players on the team, and the history of games they have played give you an idea of the best team. Even pros lose sometimes. But, they use a sound strategy, and they claim their share of the prizes.
  • Be selective. There are hundreds of esports games. There are a lot of different ways to bet. Be sure you understand before you place a bet on a game. If you do not understand, ask someone or reach out to the customer service department of the online casino. Obviously, you will not bet on each of them. Stick with games you know and understand. If you want to try a new game, spend some time learning about the game. Never go into betting blind.
  • Be smart. Don’t bet more money than you can afford, hoping for a big win. If you are new to betting, try placing a social wager with friends for gifts or services rather than money. When you feel you are ready to risk some cash, be reasonable.Egames and wagers are meant to be fun. Keep them that way.

The Esports Boom in Canada, 2022

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Where will esports go from here?

The popularity of esports viewing and wagering is growing faster than anyone ever predicted, especially in Canada. It is now listed as one of the largest leisure pastimes in the world. According to Statista.Com, by 2024, it is expected there will be 577.2 million viewers globally.

The amount of money generated by these activities is in the billions.

The number of jobs this industry has created is a major player in the world economy. Game designers, technology experts, game developers, engineers, marketers, and support personnel are just a few of the fields esports are expanding. Canada is poised for massive success in this field. The financial eyes of the world are watching this phenomenon with interest.

There has never been anything like this, and there is no end in sight. With the massive growth of the internet, we can only imagine what the next decade will hold for esports.

The future is promising for esports, and for many attributes of the online casino industry. If you have not tried esports, now is the time. Who knows, this could become a favorite event for you. The fun and excitement are just a few clicks away.


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