eSports – A New Favorite in the Betting Industry

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eSports is quickly growing in popularity throughout the world, and this growth has coincided with an expansion of esports betting. The global eSports market is projected to be worth over $30 billion by the year 2020. Therefore it is no surprise that the betting industry is finally taking notice of this new and innovative form of betting. One of the most popular eSports games is csgo, which is a multiplayer first-person shooter.  If you want to join in on the action, then you can check out the top csgo gambling sites. These sites make it fun and easy to bet on some exciting csgo action. In this article, we will take a look at why eSports betting is fast becoming a new favorite within the betting industry.

What is eSports

Video games have always been fairly popular, and eSports is an extension of this but in a new competitive way. The majority of gamers tend to play for fun; however, some gamers are now able to enter tournaments and play for money. These tournaments and competitions can be watched live by users around the world. They also attract huge audiences at the event itself.  Teams are able to win millions in prize pots, which makes the games exciting to watch. One way to ramp up the action is by placing bets on these games, which can be streamed live. Professional eSports players take gaming very seriously, and they dedicate many hours to their craft. Some people will always claim that eSports cannot be compared to ‘real’ sports; however, there is definitely a high level of skill involved. There are many games that are popular for eSports, and they include csgo, Dota 2, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

How Does eSports Betting Work

In many ways, eSports betting works in a similar manner to traditional sports betting; however, there are some obvious differences. A user is able to bet on a variety of outcomes of the game. There are simple bets such as the outright winning team, and there are also interesting prop bets that you can take part in. Additionally, you can also benefit from in-play betting, which is where you have access to live odds, which change as the event progresses. Like sports betting, there is also a handicap form of bets, which can make things more interesting when betting on a contest, which involves an underdog. Overall, eSports betting is in its early phases, and we expect many new features to be rolled out as the industry continues to expand.

Closing Thoughts

You will now have a better idea of why eSports betting is fast becoming incredibly popular and turning into a new favorite of the betting industry. We are still in the early years of eSports, and it looks likely that the industry will continue to grow in the coming years. It will be exciting to see how the gambling industry as a whole evolves and innovates as a result of this expansion.

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