How art advisor Daniele Comelli’s future forward thinking sets him apart from others

Daniele Comelli
Daniele Comelli

For countless years, art has been a gateway for people to express themselves and it is an industry that is forever growing and changing. As with anything else, it is important to embrace change and that is exactly what Daniele Comelli did.

Daniele is an art advisor, dealer and the creator and founder of the Daniele Comelli Art only gallery. Daniele has always possessed strong instincts and these instincts are what made him leave his family gallery in Genoa and Pietrasanta and start a fully digital online gallery. Daniele started the online gallery in 2018 and saw an immediate rise in his site’s popularity, he was providing ease of access to his customers with a wider reach and everything worked out perfectly. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, every artist across the globe had to switch their business online, since Daniele had already been in the online space, it gave him considerable advantage in the market.

Another important factor in Daniele’s success is his knowledge, the advisor always makes sure that he is up to date on the latest trends, how the market behaviour changes and is always studying to widen his knowledge base in arts. With his knowledge and observation of the market, Daniele brought about a new feature for his customers which is, ‘Art Delivery’. Here, the art that is purchased is brought directly to the customers at their homes, Daniele believes that art at home allows one to see how it fits their destination context be it at work in the office, at home or anywhere else.

Daniele represents quite a lot of artists today, some of the names include Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Kaws. Stefano Bombardieri, Jeff Koon and others. He also represents some fresh faces that he believes will become big names tomorrow. Just to provide an example, the globally renowned artist Daniele Fortuna was discovered by Comelli just when Fortuna was starting off.

Daniele seems to be on the brink of discovering a new trending with an Art Gallery Restaurant. A place where art meets luxurious, keep an eye out to see how this catches up with people across the globe.

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