Iran DJ Artist Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, professionally as DJ Phellix, on the Rise After Successful Single “ASHKE SETAREH”

Mohammad Reza Sadeghi
Mohammad Reza Sadeghi

Thanks to such promising musical talents, the music industry is constantly growing, who have immersed themselves wholly in their musical craft.

Year after year, we come to know about different individuals, especially youngsters from different corners of the World, doing splendidly well in their respective careers. But, ever wondered what could have been the things that might have helped these youngsters achieve so much so early in life? Well, there could be several factors, but nothing beats the magical combination of passion and perseverance, says DJ Phellix, one of the rising musical artists, doing exceedingly well in the constantly growing Iran music scene. This young guy exudes a certain level of passion and brilliance in music and proves why he deserves to be known as one of the most emerging artists in the industry, even amidst much competition.

The easier this sound, the more difficult it is in reality. However, artists like DJ Phellix have shown what it takes to become the best in the music industry and how people can achieve their dreams. DJ Phellix’s unique vibe, style, sound, and music can be seen in all his tracks. The contemporary music titled ‘ASHKE SETAREH’ stands different for its combination of several music genres, including Traditional, DeepHouse, Organic House. What adds the magic to the song is DJ Phellix’s melodious voice, perfect for all kinds of listeners and audiences, catering to their every mood.

The World of music production is one of the most competitive and cut-throat industries in existence today, which is why so many musical artists will lose hope or faith that they have what it takes to make it. The musical production is wholly lacking in a support system or a network of individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to help other musical artists feel seen, heard, and supported.

Versatile Artist DJ Phellix is elated about his latest single release, “ASHKE SETAREH” ft. rohaab. The single was released in October of 2021 and has allowed DJ Phellix to gain more exposure through his music. “ASHKE SETAREH” portrays the hopes and dreams that everyone has inside of themselves as well as the belief system that is created and strengthened through what we allow ourselves to achieve in life. His Spotify profile has streamed over 60k listeners per month and is going up every day! DJ Phellix has been signed with over 20 record Labels and featured two times on the Buddha Bar album. DJ Phellix is developing his fanbase across the globe.

Consistency in the music industry helps propel a must artist to the top and something he takes very seriously. Being consistent makes an artist relevant and gives the artist more room to improve and overcome challenges.
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