Online Dating Trends in Iran: 2021 Economic Forecast

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Iran is a country in Western Asia bordered to the Northwest by Armenia. It was called Persia but changed its name officially to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The trend of online dating has taken the world by storm. Folks all over the world are taking to the internet to find love because of various reasons. While for others, this trend is working; for some, it is not. Iran is no different from the rest of the world.

Currently, many online-dating sites solely target the Iranian market. New hot singles sign up to these sites every day, hoping to find love or companionship through the internet. Therefore, this post will share some online dating trends in Iran, 2021.

An increase in online dating sites

At the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and with it came a raft of measures to curb the spread. That meant that the people had to reduce all forms of physical contact. Subsequently, as a result, many relationships ended due to a lack of a physical connection between the two parties.

Therefore, online dating sites cropped up, as a result, to cater to this growing market. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in the number of people signing up to online dating sites.

Many online daters are stating plainly what they are looking for

Studies have shown that many people in Iran who use dating applications or websites do not beat around the bush in the recent past. Many people are now openly stating that they are looking to start a serious relationship or have a good time.

The bluntness in expression has been attributed to the online space. Since there is no physical connection, many people find it easier to be honest and state what they really feel.

Lastly, many Iranians are looking to have serious relationships compared to having flings.

Slow dating

It has been observed in many Iranian dating sites that many singles are willing to take things slow to know the other party. Actually, about 40% of all people using dating apps say they want to know the other person more before they meet up.

The users are using this time to figure out who is right for them. The slow dating trend is a good thing because you get to establish a strong bond and a firm foundation for any relationship. As a result, the relationship will last longer.

Interesting to know that 25% of online daters are talking to more than 4 contacts at the same time. Therefore, it is always best to take things slow so that you get to understand the other person better.

Astro love

Astro love means people who look for partners based on their zodiac sign. As much as it is not clear if this particular trend is working for some people, it slowly gains traction in Iran. Many Iranian singles claim to have found their soulmates due to the zodiac sign.

Additionally, this trend is common among females. Men in Iran do not believe that a zodiac sign can determine your soul mate.

However, if you feel that the zodiac sign plays a part in determining who your soulmate is, then it is best to follow this intuition. Many love stories have emerged from this trend.

Lastly, if you would love to learn more about international online dating, visit for an interesting guide.

Growing concern about data collection

Many Iranian singles that use online dating sites show concern about how the information they share with these sites is being used. Before you sign up for any online dating site, you must provide some information about yourself.

The data privacy policy in Iran has its loopholes, and many online users express their concerns. Additionally, some of these dating sites require paying certain fees to unlock some features on the site.

That means important information like your credit card details is taken in. Therefore, one should tread carefully while using online dating sites in Iran.

The older generation is also signing up

Online dating sites are mainly associated with millennials. However, there has been a growing trend of older persons above 30 years signing up to dating sites. It has been a trend worldwide, and it just might be a testament that online dating is a success.

However, studies have revealed that people over 30 years might have a tougher time finding love than their younger counterparts.

Lastly, this trend is expected to persist through 2021 because of the increased number of dating sites and apps.

Online harassment

Cyberbullying has been a menace for a long time now. It is a problem that seemingly has no remedy. Studies show that 60% of female users aged 18-34 say that someone from a dating site or application has continued to contact them even after they expressed no interest. Further, 57% of this group has reported being sent a sexually explicit message or a nude image they did not ask for.

The only remedy to these kinds of incidences is individual responsibility. It would be best if you were keen on whoever you choose to engage in a conversation with, especially when it comes to online dating in Iran.

Did you know that 7% of all people in relationships are using dating sites to cheat on their partners? Well, if you did not, now you know!

Singles are more interested in the potential partner’s beliefs rather than distance

In 2021, many singles in Iran look for someone who has similar beliefs compared to other factors like age or distance. The beliefs may include religious convictions, political associations, or even family planning.

Therefore, this has forced many dating sites to redesign their modules to focus on the physical location and channel it to these beliefs.

Wrapping up

Finding love in Iran has never been this simple. You can find the love of your life with the simple click of a button. However, it falls upon you to practice individual responsibility. Do not rush into trusting someone you just met.

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