How Pandemic 2020 Changed Online Dating

How The Pandemic 2020 Changed Online Dating

Due to government movement restrictions, it means that dating is different from what it used to be in the past. Provincial COVID-19 health guidelines restrict gatherings in restaurants, in addition to placing curfews in bars to prevent people from coming into contact.

The limited opportunities to meet new people have led many people to look for companionship and love in other areas, such as online dating apps. In fact, most online apps have reported an increase in the number of users.

The leading online dating platforms, for example, have reported an increase of about 15% to 25% increase in the number of downloads, registration and use. Here is how the coronavirus pandemic changed the online dating world.

Dating is now Instant

Since the enactment of travel restrictions globally, young lovers have encountered the challenges of distant communication. At the start of the pandemic, people were required to maintain a social distance of roughly 1.5M.

Also, people cannot shake hands, let alone hug one another. Kissing, on the other hand, is one way of spreading the virus rapidly. Common dating in such situations is truly a difficult thing. How can one understand his or her new catch without sitting close to them or feeling their smell?

Whatever the case, there is a need for a solution to address the distancing problem. Well, here is where online dating comes in handy. With the advancement in dating apps, you can easily video call or chat with your loved one instantly.

Online Communication is the New Norm

As expected, most services moved to the internet, and dating is not an exception. Currently, even if you are from the West searching for an Asian girl to date in the heart of China or Korea, you do not need to get out of your country to meet them.

As a matter of fact, very few flight opportunities exist currently. So, all you have to do is take your smartphone or laptop and continue to search for Asian brides on popular dating platforms. Suddenly, the online world has become the best place where you can meet a distant lover for communication.

People Prefer Dating Sites More than Ever Before

As denoted by CNBC, people have started to use online dating sites differently than before. For instance, users in these dating applications started to contact one another more efficiently as the conversations increased by 10% to 30%.

What’s more, users have been sending 26% more chats than before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. The singles interested in finding Asian women on the internet visit the respective applications a couple of times more regularly. As you can see, there is an increase in the sales of online dating platforms.

Dating Apps Adjusts to the New Norm

Certainly, it is not the users that needed to get familiarised with the quarantine and work-from-home life. During the pandemic, dating platforms have had to alter the techniques in which they help their clients match and meet one another.

For instance, some dating platforms were invented to find matches with users who adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines. After registering on these applications, be ready to be asked whether you will wear a mask and wash your hands. After answering the questions correctly, the application will pair you up with an individual who has answered similarly.

Afterwards, you can initiate a text chat. You can even proceed to video chat if the conversation excites you. While you may not find a long-term partner straight away, the video chat invention will help you chat with a person who will brighten your dull days.

Money and Intimacy are Out

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily solved two of the leading problems of common dating: money and intimacy. Whenever new lovers meet in person, they are regularly obliged to try things out. For example, in most cases, they are left wondering, ‘should I kiss him or her first?’

Before the pandemic kicked in, a huge percent of singles had engaged in intimacy before the ‘official’ first date. Well, at least the number has decreased for now. You may have a sexy video chat, but the real action is off the table as of now.

In addition, money is not in the dating equation. When it comes to in-person dating, the lovers will be obligated to pay for bills. Here is where the question of meeting in an affordable or luxurious hotel comes in handy. With coronavirus, there is no meeting in hotels, so no bills to pay for or split.

Growth of Slow Love

There are blessings in disguise due to the restriction in movements. Previously, the marriage turned out to be the key thing when starting a relationship. Currently, it tends to be the icing on a cake. People no longer marry in their early years.

The pandemic is continuing this global trend towards what is commonly known as slow love. Slow love is seen as adaptive from an evolutionary viewpoint since the human brains are soft-wired to get attached to a loved one slowly.

According to a study, individuals who have been madly in love with one another for about 18 months will show activity in brain regions linked with strong romantic passion. In short, a romantic relationship will be triggered fast, while feelings, on the other hand, the deep attachment, will take time to develop.

Final Take

Yes, singles will start meeting partners in person when this global pandemic ends. We are humans, and we are created to court face to face. But currently, singles are talking through video chats before meeting in person. A new technique in the courtship process is coming up, saving people time and money and allowing others to kiss fewer frogs.

As you can see above, how dating platforms work have really changed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these applications have been designed to ease online communication amongst singles and help them cope with the need to meet their partner easily.

While these apps enjoy a tremendous following amongst the users, it is worth noting that they are doing an incredible job of connecting singles. All in all, it would be wise to stay away from agencies that require you to pay for letters. Thus, make sure you go through pay per letter scam reviews.



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