For Bryan Gorrita, To Be Truly Free You Must Overcome Your Fears

Bryan Gorrita
Bryan Gorrita

Our minds are wired to avoid fear by seeking comfort, rather than facing it head on. But avoidance doesn’t erase fear. It just means it will take longer to overcome. Bryan Gorrita doesn’t believe in running from fear. For him, fear and adversity have a way of showing us what we are made of.

The life entrepreneurs lead isn’t as glamorous as many people would lead you to believe. Raised by an entrepreneur father, Bryan witnessed how volatile the profession can be. When times are good, they are great. But he also knows that when things go south, they can go south quickly. “Before embarking on your journey, you must believe it. If you are unable to place yourself in the position of already having it, then you will never truly be able to receive it. This path of entrepreneurship is hard, and it’s not for everyone. As you go through your business, you’ll quickly realize that if it’s going to happen, it’s up to you to make it happen and no one else,” says Bryan Gorrita.

As a real estate agent, Bryan serves the luxury and commercial real estate market by offering a smooth and efficient service in a complex industry. Because he values mentorship, he and his business partner also teach agents how to build and scale a profitable business through BAR Agency. Their new course, Golden BAR Academy, teaches clients to develop their brand to create multiple streams of income, earning 7 to 8+ figures. With their help, these agents can break down the barriers that hold them back from living up to their full potential.

For Bryan, fear is a signal of a weakness you need to address. Since it’s often easier to stay living at status quo, we may not realize we have become comfortable with our fears. That’s why Bryan also has a solution for stepping out of your comfort zone. “Every day, place yourself in uncomfortable situations that require you to grow. You’ll realize how liberating it is and all those negative thoughts you had before will all disappear. The mind is an interesting thing, and it will create narratives that aren’t true. You yourself must challenge those narratives every single day in order to find the truth in your journey,” says Bryan Gorrita.

In order to feel free, Bryan says you have to take responsibility for your financial future. Overcoming fears plays a crucial role in that freedom as well. To learn more about entrepreneurship, you can follow Bryan on Instagram @bryangorrita.

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