Fort Frances OPP Advise of Possible Road Delays

Highway Update

FORT FRANCES – NEWS – Rainy River Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is advising the public of potential traffic delays this weekend. Protest activities may result in greater than usual wait times at the Fort Frances – International Falls border crossing.

Rainy River OPP is working with those involved to minimize the impact on the traveling public and to ensure order and public safety. The OPP’s objective in policing any road closures / blockades is to work to restore the orderly flow of traffic in the safest manner possible.

Rainy River OPP respects the right of everyone to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Rainy River also recognizes the rights of the general public, all road users, local residents and businesses to a safe environment. The OPP’s role is to ensure public safety and to keep the peace. The OPP has no role to play in the underlying issues of the event and is not in a position to resolve them. Please be patient and respectful of each other despite the potential inconvenience.