Bitcoin Starts 2022 Down with Early Trading at $47,386.71 US


THUNDER BAY – TECH – Bitcoin missed the targeted end of 2021 price of $100,000 US. It missed the target massively with a closing price for 2021 of under $50,000 US.

In early New Year’s Day trading, Bitcoin is at $47,386.71 US.

It will be difficult to track where the crypto will go in 2022, there are governments looking to put a leash on the cyber-currency world and try to gain some control.

In Thunder Bay there are allegations that while in the Thunder Bay District Jail, inmates kidnapped other inmates to force them to transfer crypto-currency by phone from their account to the account of another inmate.

Kenneth Repose, writing in Forbes says, “Over-the-top regulatory hurdles and taxation in order to make the new digital dollar or digital euro, or whatever the new digital currency is called among the major capitalist nations, much more attractive than Bitcoin”.

2022 as was 2021 will likely see Bitcoin prices in both bull and bear market situations.

Invest with care.