Living the American Dream and Excelling Entrepreneurship with Sachin Patel


We have observed that a majority of the world’s successful entrepreneurs have had a steady vision and focus towards reaching their goals, without getting distracted by shortcomings or challenges that have come across during the course of their journey. A majority of them have embraced success only after going through a series of setbacks and odds, but their positive attitude and determined mind has never got them off their track, leading them to glory at the end. One of such success stories is that of Sachin Patel, who has faced the gravest of challenges and brought his family owned cash checking business to optimum levels of success. Born on August 19, 1997, Sachin Patel’s story is a Houston legacy.

Today, his businesses branches are spread across the region, making his one of the most recognized business in the cash checking space. Apart from running his primary setup, he also handles a business which is involved in submitting tax forms. Sachin being an astute businessman has taken his work to the next level through his constant endeavors to make it to the top spot. He currently operates five cash checking locations which are spread across the greater Houston area and informs that he has plans to open a few more across southern and northern Texas shortly. He says that working on his business gives him immense satisfaction, as it is one of the essential services which make a huge impact on people’s lives worldwide.


One of the major advantages of his business is that they are equipped with MoneyGram, Western Union, and other trademarked companies which streamlines the entire process of checking cash and gets money delivered to clients spread across continents with ease. His work has gained immense credibility in the market and that has made his business emerge as the most trusted partners around the region when it comes to cash checking. Sachin says that he aims at achieving a lot more in his professional career and is constantly striving for the best.

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