Health industry meets recommendation concept


iPlant Global dominates cannabis scene with new business concept and unique combination of two monster markets.

The “Organic Market” is one of the largest markets worldwide today. This includes not only healthy products, food, superfoods, dietary supplements or vitamins, but also all health-promoting products such as natural cosmetics, medicinal plants and also cannabinoids: CBD products. We are talking about sales figures in the billions here. Germany is currently the pioneer of Europe with an annual turnover of almost 15 billion euros for health products, and the trend is rising. More and more people are rethinking and are willing to spend more money on their health and well- being. Health today is much more than the absence of disease, it has become a lifestyle that is actively pursued. Cannabinoids are on the rise and iPlant Global was quick to recognize this. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive or intoxicating, but it can have pain-relieving, regenerative and calming effects. The hemp plant is a valuable source of energy and makes it an ideal companion in the daily diet. iPlant Global stands for premium CBD products that are 100% produced in Switzerland. For the best growing conditions and yields, only high-quality equipment from the USA, such as lighting, ventilation and irrigation systems are used in the grow. Without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, the plants are cultivated, then hand-picked, gently extracted and bottled. The result? 100% natural CBD premium products from organic cultivation. The hemp products of the Swiss company are controlled by independent laboratories not to exceed the THC- value of 0.2%. Thus, the commercial goods are EU-certified and freely available for sale. In addition to the very popular full spectrum MCT Premium CBD Drops based on coconut oil, iPlant Global plans to launch additional CBD products in the field of cosmetics in the near future.

With ‚Referral Marketing‘ everyone wins

Furthermore, with their in-house products and services, iPlant Global combines this field with a preceding proven concept: referral marketing. Large companies grew enormously in this field since the turn of 2000.

Especially young people love affiliate marketing and any kind of direct sales, in which they can build up another financial pillar besides studies, education

or further career. iPlant Global is considered one of the most innovative companies in the cannabis industry and offers everyone worldwide the opportunity to invest in the CBD market. A user-friendly advertising interface, short communication channels and a fully transparent cannabis sharing concept makes it easy for all customers to get started. How does the system work? From the comfort of your home, any individual can become the owner of one or more physical CBD plants and benefit from the yield after each harvest. Every investor from around the world can be a virtual grower without really having to worry about the plant, everything is done by the company. It’s a win-win situation. All those who want more can generate an endless income and really take off with their own team thanks to the concept of referral marketing!

The secret of success lies in the unique combination and gives the company immense potential. The concept has not only been well received, it has catapulted the company from a start-up to one of the leading Swiss corporations in the processing and management of legal cannabis plants in just a few weeks, giving access to these markets to the masses.

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