Struggling to Build a Genuine Follower Base on Instagram? Here’s What Dovid P Fehler Recommends


Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms for customer engagement that is available today. And the leading entrepreneurs and businesses all use this platform to gain maximum traction and reach out to their target audiences.


Dovid P Fehler is one of them. Using Instagram to gain a massive audience that now trusts him completely, Dovid has expanded his diamond business to many countries across the globe. Here, the London-based jeweler shares some valuable insights that can help you bump up your client engagement quotient on Instagram.


Get personal.

Giving each query and transaction a personal touch translates to repeat business and positive feedback and recommendations on Instagram and other social media platforms. “When you create a personal connection with a customer through social media, even if this connection is through a quick DM, the customer is always happier,” explains Dovid P Fehler.


Educate your audience.

Those who share their knowledge will always gain the respect of the masses—this is a mantra that holds across industries. “I began educating my Instagram followers during the pandemic, and this idea alone propelled my business to new heights,” reveals Dovid P Fehler, proving how education can lead to immense popularity.


Be transparent.

Transparency in your dealings gains you the trust of your clients and those who follow the transactions on the page and keep track of reviews. “Transparency is key, especially in my line of work,” says Dovid. “I have used Instagram to share all that I know, and in return, I have been rewarded with thousands of dedicated followers and a host of genuine buyers.”


Offer value for your customers’ money.

“Whenever I finalize a sale, I always ensure that the customer has gained more in value than even me,” says Dovid P Fehler. “In doing so, I offer value that will offer me far greater returns in the long run—either in the form of repeat business or hearty recommendations.” Like anywhere else, on Instagram, too, when users see a business offering great value for their money, they are naturally inclined to buy from it.


Cater to all budgets.

Dovid P Fehler could have easily catered exclusively to a high-end clientele, working less for more margins. “But I never wanted to set up a business not meant for the masses,” says Dovid. “I wanted to cater to buyers with even minimal budgets. After all, who doesn’t want to own a diamond!” And in providing genuine buying advice even to those who do not wish to splurge a fortune, Dovid now enjoys an impressively long list of potential clients.


With over a billion monthly users, Instagram has evolved as one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times. It is especially beneficial to those willing to put themselves out there and spend time creating authentic connections. And Dovid P Fehler has shown us just how profitable this platform can be if you do things the right way.

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