Bruno Nicoletti Shares Insights on How to Build an Efficient and Impactful Team


Every successful business boasts a successful and impactful team that drives it right, and indeed, a great team is one of the key drivers in every business scenario. With a reliable team on board, every problem finds quick solutions, and every step you take is a step forward.  As CEO of Hummingbird Growth & Automation, Bruno Nicoletti greatly prioritizes building the right team. Here, Bruno shares some great insights that can help you put together an efficient and impactful squad too.

Define Goals and Share Expectations

The best way to motivate a team and push it towards becoming a highly efficient bunch is to define goals from the word go. When you define goals, you make it easier for every team member to define their roles accordingly. Sharing expectations is the next step. “When you reveal expectations, you make every team member a part of your dream. This means that everything you wish to achieve for your business, every team member will now wish to achieve too,” says Bruno Nicoletti.

Monitor and Review, But Encourage Too

Monitoring and reviewing progress is essential. But this process should be coupled with identifying solutions and encouraging the team towards them too. “Without encouragement and motivation, even the best teams in the business can drift away from an intended path,” reveals Bruno. Encouragement helps fuel the team towards refreshing solutions even if a review hasn’t clocked expected results.


Reward Achievements and Celebrate Wins

“Crossing business milestones are just the right reasons to get together. Use the occasion to reward achievements and celebrate the win. When your team members find recognition, they are motivated to do more,” reveals Bruno Nicoletti. Similarly, when they are a part of the celebrations following a win, they know their role in the fight holds value.

As a young, successful entrepreneur who already has a few businesses up and running on their own, Bruno Nicoletti knows just how essential it is to have a great team working as efficiently as you to create the right impact and meet business goals. Now, with these great insights in hand, you can go ahead and do the same too.


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