4 Diet Ideas by Dr. Mani Kukreja for a Healthier Tomorrow


Dieting is incredibly challenging. Most people end up depriving their bodies of vital foods and nutrients in a bid to diet. However, according to Dr. Mani Kukreja, dieting is about the little things. Being on a diet doesn’t mean cutting out most food items; it should be about tweaking it to achieve a healthier meal plan for your daily life.

Dr. Mani Kukreja is a doctor with many years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is also engaged in healthcare research. One of her areas of interest has been dieting and teaching people how to do it right. This has encouraged Dr. Mani to create four diet hacks that help achieve a healthier meal lifestyle. They are:

  • Add more nutritious foods and ingredients to your meal plan

This is the logical place to start. As you prepare meals, you should prepare them mindfully and use healthy ingredients to give your body the nutrients it needs. Dr. Mani states that even the most trivial changes in your diet can make a world of difference. Therefore, take a hard left on the junk food and head straight for the healthy foods section.

  • Watch your portions

Your meal intake is very important when going on a diet. The amount of protein you eat should not be half the plate. Dr. Mani says that when serving meals, half your plate should be filled with veggies, and split proteins, fats, and carbs in the other half.

  • Snack better

The ever-present temptation to stare down the bottom of a chips pack, an ice cream tub, and a chocolate bar is hard to beat. However, for your diet to be effective, you need to tame your sweet tooth and choose healthier snacks. Most people take this to mean that they should do away with snacks altogether, but Dr. Mani clarifies that you should only cut back on your consumption rather than completely stop consuming these snacks.

  • Allow your body to rest – don’t eat all day

According to Dr. Mani, you should not eat all day from morning to evening as this denies your body time to rest. It also means that your body is producing insulin all day. An effective diet doesn’t mean fasting, but it doesn’t also mean that you eat from 7 am to 11 pm. It is all about achieving a balance.


Have you been dieting right? Apply the above hacks from Dr. Mani Kukreja’s personal handbook for starting with better dieting now.

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