Entrepreneur Mariia Syrotiuk Is Inspiring Everyone with Her Meticulous Time Management Skills

Mariia Syrotiuk
Mariia Syrotiuk

Mariia Syrotiuk, aka Meriel, has been doing extensively well in her entrepreneurial ventures. She is proficient at whatever she does; be it mastering business skills or managing her time as meticulously as she can. 

She came to the US from Ukraine with big hope at the age of just 20. She had no one in the new country to guide her. She wasn’t even proficient in English at that time. 

But Mariia has been resilient throughout her life. Upon arriving in the US, she realised how each moment mattered. She started watching lots of successful videos, reading inspirational self-help books, and keeping herself motivated. 

She not only managed to get proficient in English but at the same time made a lot of friends. And now, Mariia is a successful entrepreneur running a six-figure corporate entity in New York. 

Currently, Mariia runs her marketing agency and working on her own brand.

“I am a keen learner of everything. Whenever I see anything innovative and new, it intrigues me. I never mind putting my money, effort and time into it. That’s what makes me versatile. Despite running my entrepreneurial venture successfully, I still think I have lots of things to do in life. It keeps me on my toes while keeping me inspired and self motivated,” Mariia explained. 

Like other businesses, Mariia too suffered a heavy loss during the coronavirus lockdown. However, like a true warrior, Mariia fought back. 

“Time management has been the key to my success. People get inspired from my lifestyle—I am grateful to that—I maintain a perfect time schedule for each of my activities. I don’t let anyone intrude into my personal space when I am enjoying my ‘me’ time. I regularly keep track of my each activity on Apple Calendar—you can also use a notebook for that. Every morning, the first two hours are crucial for me. I regularly work out at gym in those two hours. It keeps me fit and healthy while setting the tone for the rest of the day,” Mariia added. 

Mariia is now also focusing on improving her presence across various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and others. She is an avid traveller as well. You can keep a tab on her life journey on Instagram. She regularly posts interesting updates on her lifestyle and life journey on it.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bymeriel 

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