What Makes Student Accommodations in Bournemouth Standout?

Students studying

For many university students, the idea of living on their own for the first time can be an exciting but scary experience. Luckily there are plenty of housing options available that cater to national and international students studying in Bournemouth. However, that can make choosing difficult. Here are some of the accommodations that stand out to students looking for student housing.

Types of Living Arrangements

Many accommodations feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. These can be shared, or you can choose to live with just one roommate. Shared rooms are significantly cheaper than private rooms. If you’re not into the idea of sharing a room, don’t worry – there are many single occupancy options.

Locations and Convenience

Studying can get pretty busy, which is why it’s essential to make a living as convenient as possible. If you’re looking for student housing in the heart of Bournemouth, you will find the Artisan and Winton Halls student housing convenient to the Landsdowne Campus and on a direct bus route for the Talbot Campus. Both are within walking or public transportation distance to the town center, nightlife, and nearby beaches.

Easy Billing

Managing your student housing while studying can be a challenge, especially if you’re coming from outside the UK and have to deal with currency conversions. However, all of the Bournemouth accommodations offer simple billing in British Pounds. The cost per semester covers:

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Trash services
  • Contents insurance
  • Wi-Fi
  • room

In-House Maintenance

A significant benefit to living in accommodation offered by colleges is the maintenance staff. They are always available if you have any questions or concerns about your room, building, or appliances. Both locations have 24/7 service, so if there’s an emergency, such as a burst pipe or broken heater, you can contact them, and they’ll be there as soon as possible to sort the problem.

Common Area Amenities

Each housing option has loaded common areas where you can interact with other students. Artisan Hall houses a shared space with TV, table football, and pool tables, and Winton Hall features similar entertainment possibilities. Additionally, they both have kitchens you can use to cook meals.

In-Room Conveniences

You don’t want to transport too much when moving into student housing, and that’s why your individual or shared suite has some great amenities to make your life easier. Each includes a vacuum cleaner, kettle, small toaster, and small ironing board. You also get a mattress and cover for it.

Safety and Security

Security is one of the most important considerations when looking for student housing. All locations have an on-site reception that controls who goes into and out of each building. They also have 24/7 security cameras keeping an eye on common areas.

Even though the housing options may seem simple at first, each accommodation has many hidden perks. It’s essential to do your research and find out what is best for you to make an informed decision. Learn more about living and studying in Bournemouth at ASN Capital Student Living.

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