Protein supplements: Steel Supplements discusses benefits and when to use

Protien Supplements

Protein shakes have become popular accompaniments for going to the gym or as the first thing people consume in the morning. Experts state that protein is necessary for muscle repair and growth. Given the importance of protein supplementation in helping athletes recover and achieve their goals, we ask the leads at Steel Supplements their thoughts on the importance of protein powder. Steel Supplements is a sports supplementation, health, and wellness solutions provider founded by Jason Huh. The company focuses on providing high-quality health and wellness solutions in addition to its extensive database of fitness information, accessories, and apparel. Dr. Paul Henning, Ph.D., provides valuable scientific input at Steel. Steel Supplements has thus solidified its dominance with its protein products, Veg-ProWhey-ISO, and Whey-PRO 


Steel has extensively studied the benefits of protein to the human body, especially for repair and muscle growth. Most people consume protein supplements with their workouts, while others disagree with this. The debate around the optimal time to consume protein shakes and whether they are necessary has been rampant for quite some time. Although the debate continues to this day, Steel states that the most important thing is consistency with your daily protein intake and worrying about the timing down the road. As you become more regimented in your diet and training, you will find what works best for you as an individual, they say.  

Research suggests that people who routinely practice strength training need proteins to support the recovery of their muscles and their growth. Ideally, a person weighing 150 pounds should consume at least 109 grams of protein every day, although the modern bodybuilding and weightlifting space would suggest upwards of 150-200g of protein daily for muscle growth and recovery. Steel Supplements clarifies that it is healthier to spread out this consumption over the multiple meals that you consume in a day instead of consuming it all at once, helping to optimize your results and performance.  

Most people believe in the anabolic window (the 30 minutes post-workout). This perpetuates the belief that drinking a protein shake outside this window will not be effective. However, Steel states that protein is effective no matter when it is consumed as it will still repair and stimulate muscle growth. They also point out that protein shakes are good to have as snacks between meals or around your workout. Regardless, the most important factor is consistency, so find the timing, amount, and quantity that works best for your particular goals, and stick with it.  


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