Viraj Patil – a Story of Success from Mumbai to UAE

Viraj Patil
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Not many people can transform their lives and grow from zero to hero in such a short time. We come by such examples very rarely but the fact is that when we do, we must learn from them.

These successful people followed a certain way in life, they lived it against the norms of the general society and achieved what others can only dream of. Viraj Patil is one such story of success who began his journey from Mumbai and now lives a life of luxury in the UAE.

Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, his parents earned their money in the hardest possible ways to provide for him. Educating him was one thing they did not compromise on. They compromised on their own necessities, they avoided spending on anything that was avoidable and instead facilitated him in every possible manner. As a child, he saw it all. He felt the pain they endured for him and the sacrifices they made to secure his future, and it pressured him. It was like carrying a heavyweight on his shoulders.

There were times he wanted to pursue a completely different thing in life but due to their struggles for him, he studied CIVIL Engineering. His twisted family life and financial issues turned him into an introvert. He avoided socializing, he hated parties. He stayed away from the hustle and bustle that was the norm for people his age. He was on the road to lead a mundane life and follow the plan his parents had made for him- getting a job after education. And he did exactly that, only to realize he wasn’t made for that.

Viraj Patil uses his influence to educate people to follow their passions in life. All parents wish to see their children prosper but they should not define the road to success for them. Let each child discover his own journey in life. Following your dreams and doing what you love is the key to leading a successful life and this is exactly what Viraj did. He does not believe in following trends but creating them.

Today, he is an immensely popular influencer and content creator who is touching the lives of thousands of people and encouraging them to pursue their passion in order to be successful in life.

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