3 Ways To Stay Productive With Lisa Hocker

Lisa Hocker

About 20% of adults have regular sessions of procrastination. At times procrastinating does not just imply laziness, but it reflects the struggle on how to start something. Whether it’s something as important as studying for finals or something as simple as cleaning your room, there is a time when procrastination takes over the human body. However, there is no harm in giving yourself some time. But at some point we need to take small actionable steps every day, so that we don’t emerge into guilt of wasting our valuable time at the end of the day.

As a successful entrepreneur, Lisa Hocker has effectively managed a work-life balance. While she was working on building her business in multilevel marketing, she was also working full time as a lawyer along with taking care of four children. Here are 3 techniques on how you can be productive like Lisa Hocker:

  • Lisa emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong work ethic in every aspect of her life. Since a child, she has dedicated herself to her goals. As she stayed determined to complete her tasks in the right way, she built up the confidence to succeed. Her family also provided her with a deep understanding of the value of time and money. As a result, Lisa was able to develop an efficient working system for herself so that at the end of the day she does not regret wasting her day.
  • “Direct AF Sales” is a book specifically written by Lisa to provide tips and techniques on how to be productive in network marketing. Even though her book aims to help entrepreneurs build their businesses without any fear, her tools are also efficient for anyone looking for a simple efficient system that can be executed daily. Lisa’s book will not only help readers stay focused, but will also make sure to provide a direction or idea on exactly what it is that they need to do every single day to achieve their goal. Hence, the effect of her book will be long-lasting on the readers!
  • To make productivity fun, Lisa invented a resourceful product called, “Sales Dice”. Even though it looks like an average board game dice, it does wonders for people who use it effectively! Lisa put her five daily step method on five sides of the dice and on the remaining seven sides she put other income producing activities. Thus, a simple roll will provide the user with actionable tasks to achieve on the following day. This way, every day one can efficiently work on their goals without any stress or confusion.
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