Nicola Atzei On How Definition Of “Fitness” Has Evolved Far Beyond The Physical


Since the dawn of the Internet and the digital revolution, the economy and its various industries have been in a constant state of change. At the beginning of the 90s, the digital revolution initially affected the entertainment and music industries. Slowly but steadily, it began to affect other industries as well, such as travel, retail, and finance.

The digital revolution has completely altered the way that businesses operate by paving the way towards maximum efficiency with better cost savings, better management of employees, and better management of customers.

However, the fitness industry was slower to embrace digitalization because, until recently, highly personalized face-to-face interactions were prioritized. Those in the fitness industry were concerned about how their clients might respond to moving the industry (which centers around physical activity and direct interaction) to online platforms.

Few people believed it was even possible to do effective workouts at home and achieve their fitness goals while saving money and time. Of those few people who embraced the potential of online fitness coaching, however, is Nicola Atzei.

Atzei is the owner of the Fitness Coaching company Team Nicola Atzei®, a certified personal trainer, and one of Italy’s best online coaches. Atzei graduated as a personal trainer at the young age of 24, and prides himself on being a “natural” trainer.

“After graduating as a personal trainer, I chose to abandon my career as a footballer to dedicate myself 100% to my most important project: certified online coaching,” says Atzei. “Over the years, my carefully designed training programs allowed me to nurture a vast number of highly successful athletes in Italy and abroad.”

With over 15 years of experience in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, Atzei realized that the fitness landscape had reached an evolving point – the digital revolution couldn’t be delayed anymore. As he explains, days of the gym being just a building with weights and a few treadmills are long gone, and the definition of “fitness” has evolved far beyond the physical.

Even though Atzei had already embraced online coaching prior to the COVID-19 pandemic by moving his coaching platform entirely online, the pandemic emphasized Atzei’s belief. With the closure of physical fitness facilities, people were forced to change their training habits – both trainers and trainees had to embrace the new trend of online fitness.

Atzei points out that even after safety measures were lifted, the new interest to work out at home has remained intact. “There is no reason for people to go back to the gym. They can achieve the same results working out from home,” says Atzei. “Personal trainers, workout regimes – everything they need is available through online platforms.”

Nicola Atzei regularly shares motivational content and fitness tips in addition to the personalized coaching and training he offers.


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