Big Data Analytics helping law enforcement agencies to fight against the crime


Data Analytics and Algorithms are the newest additions to bolster law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order. Contemplating the potential of the technology, ReportLinker has estimated that the ‘Big Data & Data Analytics Market in National Security & Law Enforcement’ is estimated to reach $17.27 billion by 2026.

The use of big data and analytics by Public Safety organizations and Law enforcement agencies is on the rise as the world is going digital. It is creating humongous opportunities for predictive policing, gaining accurate insights and increasing investigative capabilities for many relevant aspects.

In the recent past, police leveraged big data analytics to pluck alleged criminals from a crowd of over 60,000 attending a concert by Hong Kong pop star Jacky Cheung.  One of the arrested men was also accused of failing to pay a $17,000 penalty three years ago.

Additionally, Law enforcement agencies in Guangzhou, a city in China have apprehended over 800 suspects and solved hundreds of crimes by converting big data through a police database into actionable insights.

Companies like Wynyard Group design Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) which is a powerful investigative analytics solution for agencies, allows officials to rapidly discover actionable intelligence hidden in data, letting them analyze both structured and unstructured data. This technology expedites the investigation through the intuitive exploration of data from every angle, and helps one to quickly see a complete picture of the investigation, using visualization and timeline analysis.

The latest advancements in data analytics technology are based on the simple fact that humans are creatures of habit. Usually, they stick to particular patterns and preferences. These new powerful technologies clear a path for forces to operate and serve their communities more efficiently than ever before.

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