Akitashintaro’s forward-thinking and ideas have got him to the top of the entrepreneurial space.


He is gradually revolutionizing the markets by expanding his reach in various sectors, successfully.

In this cut-throat competitive world of business, there are a few who have attained tremendous success as they have topped their respective fields of work by mastering it to the core. However, there are some who have not only done exceptionally well in one field, but have managed to accomplish success in multiple ones. Akitashintaro is one amongst them who has built a solid entrepreneurial foundation as well as established himself as a seasoned investor who has his hands behind many known events and happenings around the globe. This powerhouse entrepreneur and investor has mastered the art of managing multiple tasks at a time, and that too efficiently. He has a list of achievements up his sleeves at this young age of 22, which is quite impressive.

Having done well as a business owner owning a company dealing in solar panels with a huge workforce of 600, Akitashintaro stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s top businessmen who have done exceptionally well in their professional careers. Apart from running his sprawling business which has its operating units in China, he also lends his hands of support to various top-notch events like Japan’s leading fashion shows and world martial arts competitions. Owing to his presence and association with such big events he has been invited to many fashion shows of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel. Having completed his studies from Japan’s finest schools, he set out to establish himself in the big world of entrepreneurship and has succeeded in it to a great extent.

He is now looking to expand his reach by entering into the restaurant business, and has already started working out on the blueprint. Starting with Singapore and Japan, he plans to expand base to France, Dubai, England and Italy, in the next two years. “I feel that there are a lot of opportunities ready to get explored and if one taps it the right way, there’s no limit to how much you can grow,” says Akitashintaro while trying to explain about his constant endeavours to enter unknown territories and conquer it successfully.

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