CNC Intel INC. Helps You Recover Your Lost Digital Assets


People have been investing heavily in various digital assets, including crypto-coins over the last few years. The security of cryptocurrency wallets must be fool-proof. When a person invests in cryptocurrency, they have to also look into its security aspects. Because once you lose a cryptocurrency or even a part of it, online hackers can inflict a heavy loss on you.

Holding cryptocurrency in your wallet is just like having cash in your hand. Cyber criminals are always waiting for a chance to hack into your wallet. If remote hackers get access to your crypto wallet they can steal all cryptocurrencies within a few hours.

In the case of lost cryptocurrency, the redressal mechanism is a bit tricky. Here, you need not only file an FIR but you have to take the help of an independent cyber expert like CNC Intelligence to get help on this. Since most countries don’t even recognize cryptocurrency as a legal asset, it’s difficult to file a case in this regard. But once you formally lodge your request for tracing cryptocurrencies to CNC Intelligence team, they’ll manage it from their end and you need not worry anymore.

How Can CNC Intelligence Help You

CNC Intelligence Inc has now emerged as the most preferred recovery specialist for getting help on tracing cryptocurrencies. The earlier you file a request for tracking lost or stolen cryptocurrencies, the earlier they will start working on it.

A cryptocurrency holder can lose his money during sending money to a fraudulent organization or when the security of their crypto wallet is compromised.

Once you feel that your crypto wallet or private key has been compromised or hacked, you must inform the CNC Intelligence Team about it.

They will handle the rest and make sure that you get your stolen digital assets back.

Recovering Stolen Cryptocurrency: Legal Angles

Analyze the route of transaction

The first step that the CNC Intelligence team will take is tracking down the movement of your crypto coins from your wallet. The company will take a look at more than 190,000 digital assets and scrutinize each of the transactions to divide fraudulent transactions from them.

Obtaining Information about the Recipient of Fraudulent Fund

Once recovery specialists have successfully identified the traceroute, they work with local law enforcement to obtain the KYC information of the beneficiaries of the transfers directly from the crypto exchanges and wallets who are suspicious or involved in fraudulent transactions.

Legal Enforcement Angles

Cryptocoin transfers can take place anywhere and anytime. There are no geographical barriers to it. But for the recovery specialists, tracking down lost or stolen crypto coins means they have to understand legal nuances before initiating any legal actions.

CNC Intelligence has a team of well-known legal and cyber experts who take care of everything. They scrutinize several legal angles and even perform cross-jurisdictional procedures, if necessary.

How Can You Protect Your Crypto coins?

Though we can’t control or prevent fraud, we can at least have maximum safety protocols in place to save ourselves from online fraud.

  • Categorize your digital assets into daily and long-term wallets.
  • Use your daily wallet for everyday transactions.
  • Store limited crypto coins into your daily wallet.
  • Store maximum assets into your long-term wallet.
  • Always keep your private keys safe for both wallets.
  • Always take a backup of your wallets and other details.
  • Safely save your backup data in a safe and secured device not connected to the internet.

According to CNC Intelligence’s Seth A Gordon, “The constant surge in cases of cryptocurrency frauds has made it a necessity for us to closely work with FBI, Interpol and other agencies to trace lost or stolen crypto coins. Earlier, most of these crimes went unreported, but we are happy that now many crypto coin investors come forward and lodge their complaints.”

The Conclusion

The company uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced devices with expert personnel to nab cyber criminals and bring them to justice. During an investigation, the CNC team gathers evidence like analytical reviews of blockchain transactions and other details relating to wallets, which can be used to initiate legal action against the perpetrators.

Once the entire legal process is complete, soon the agency hands over the stolen cryptocurrency to the aggrieved customer.




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