Plain Jane Reflects On Their Massive Growth And Success


Hemp products are slowly becoming widely accepted in America as more and more states are legalizing their recreational use. Despite this, cannabis products, specifically hemp flowers, don’t come cheap. For this reason, Oregon-based CBD hemp flower company Plain Jane, which chooses to sell their high-quality products at a low cost, remains a rarity in the industry.


Plain Jane Starting Out

Evan Marshall and Lindsey Holthaus started Plain Jane in 2018, just after the legalization of the CBD industry. Back then, there weren’t many options for affordable CBD products, so they decided to open a shop to cater to the growing demand for the product without being cost-prohibitive.

Two years later, Marshall and Holthaus sold the Plain Jane brand to Joe Pham and Gus Hanger. By then, both Pham and Hanger were already making waves in the cannabis industry as the founders of Industrial Hemp Farms, a Denver-based cannabis distributor. Pham built their empire after bringing together industry leaders such as farmers, lab extractors, and manufacturers to start his company in Colorado.

With their connections, it was easy to tap into the local market, which allowed Plain Jane to offer low-cost prices while guaranteeing quality products. Pham and Hanger saw that the Plain Jane brand worked well with their current operations and saw that it was a good opportunity to use their buying power to offer the high-quality hemp products at a lower cost.

Plain Jane now leads a network of small American family farms to produce most of their products near Southern Oregon. The company also owns a specialty farm that produces high-quality hemp flowers with unique genetics.

However, the co-founders readily admit that starting a CBD product line through Plain Jane wasn’t that easy. Hemp remains highly-regulated, so the company cannot turn to traditional advertising to keep sales up. To stay competitive, they had to think of creative ways to reach their prospective customers. They started by giving out complimentary products until they started to sell organically.


Making Plain Jane Standout

When choosing a hemp flower, of course, the main consideration is still the quality of the product and not just its price. What initially set Plain Jane apart from its competitors was a unique low-odor hemp cigarette. While they do offer regular flowers, their original low-odor hemp cigarette is a crowd favorite that offers a different kind of experience to their users. Plain Jane makes these special cigarettes through a water curing process that removes the hemp terpenes from each harvest to create a nearly odorless substance. This specific product is the first low-smell CBD cigarette that provides the same experience without any tobacco or nicotine.

Aside from this, Plain Jane also offers various CBD and CBG products like kief, buds, joints, oils, and even gummies. The company’s goal is to ultimately provide a hemp product for every person, attuned to their preferences, personalities, and needs.


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