4 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Hemp Month

The Health Benefits of Cannabis

July was National Hemp Month, making this the perfect time to celebrate this versatile plant. If you are not familiar with the many uses and benefits of hemp, now is a great time to see how it can enhance your life.

Many people don’t know the rich history hemp has in America! National Hemp Month is the perfect reminder to do some research and renew our appreciation of this eco-friendly industrial crop that has more recently (finally) been recognized for its health benefits as well. Here are four fun ways that you can celebrate National Hemp Month all year round.

Incorporate Hemp Into Your Meal: There is no shortage of ways that you can incorporate hemp into your meals. Hemp boasts a wide array of nutritional components, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, and plenty of protein. This nutritional profile makes it a welcome addition to any diet. You can try sprinkling hemp seeds on your salads or pasta or blending hemp protein powder into your morning smoothie. Hemp seeds are also delicious when mixed into granola or into baked goods. Do not be afraid to get creative with hemp when you are using it as an ingredient in all of your favorite meals.

Learn More About the Hemp Plant: One of the best ways that you can embrace hemp as part of your lifestyle is to learn more about this plant. Once you learn more about its history and variety of uses, you will be convinced that you can make this plant a part of your daily routine. The internet is a great source for more information about hemp. There is also a bevy of hemp-focused message boards where you can ask questions about the plant and glean more information.

Do Some Shopping: As it continues to soar in popularity, hemp is becoming more available in a bevy of products. It is easy to find CBD oil for sale online by doing a simple quick search. You will be surprised at the many uses for this product once you begin researching and experimenting with it. You can try a few drops in a smoothie or milkshake or use it as a topical agent for the skin to soothe minor aches and discomfort. CBD oil is available in a myriad of flavors and dosages, making it easy to find the best product for your personal needs and preferences.

Try New Hemp-infused Products: In addition to CBD oil, you will find an abundance of hemp-infused products designed to fit any lifestyle. Hemp-infused face masks deliver hydration and nourishment to your skin. Some research has even shown that hemp may be beneficial in helping to fight off acne flare-ups. Or try CBD gummies, providing a discreet and portable hemp option. You can even find hemp in pet treats. Once you begin expanding your horizons with this plant, you will see that it has numerous applications in your life.

National Hemp Month is the brainchild of cbdMD. With the purpose in mind to celebrate the beneficial relationship we have with hemp. Use this time to learn more about how this plant can deliver a host of benefits to your life, community and planet. With all of its uses, you are sure to find a way to incorporate hemp into your routine. The benefits and uses are seemingly endless and it is clear that hemp is not just a fad but here to stay.

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